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Virgin Mobile really has upped its SIMO game recently. It had some of the best SIM only deals over the Black Friday period and then followed it up with some big data seasonal sales. And now it has come along once again with another standout deal for you.

For just one week (that is up until midnight on Wednesday 19) Virgin is offering a flash sale on its 12GB of data SIM which you can get for just £12 a month. On top of that you’ll be getting unlimited minutes and texts so you don’t have to worry about scrimping in that department.  

If that sounds like the SIM only deal you’ve been searching for then you can find all of the details down below. If not and you’re wanting something a little bit different then don’t despair, you can find all of the best offers on our SIM only deals page. 

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This limited time Virgin Mobile SIMO deal 

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Virgin Mobile SIMO with 12GB of data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £12 per month
£12 a month really is a great price when you consider just how much data you’re getting. 12GB should be plenty and you should find yourself coasting through each month without too many issues.  And if you’re texting and calling a lot this isn’t one of those SIMO deals that cuts back on that, you’re still getting unlimited caps there.

Deal must end on December 19
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