TL;DR: In this article we hand-picked the 10 Best Ash Vacuum Cleaners Under $100. The Ash vacuum cleaners below are hand-picked by our editorial team, they have raving reviews on their sold marketplaces and cost $100 or less.

If you are in a hurry, and not in the mood for reading, we suggest checking PowerSmith PAVC101 on Amazon. It has over 4000+ reviews with a total score of 4.3/5. – as of writing this guide. It has all the features an ash vacuum cleaner needs and – most importantly – doesn’t cost an arm and leg to purchase. Runner up is the Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum. Again, raving reviews (4000+), awesome features, and most importantly, under $100.

Much like with anything you use frequently, taking time to clean out your stoves, fireplaces, grills or other appliances that collect dust is not only necessary for the proper functionality of the appliance but also for safety’s sake. In these specifically, a buildup of ash is common, and cleaning it out with a simple broom and dustpan isn’t going to get the job done the way you need it to.

Vacuuming is your best bet to ensure you get everything cleaned out thoroughly, but a standard household vacuum isn’t up to the job of thick, sometimes still-hot ash. Instead, ash vacuum cleaners are what you need to properly and safely get the job done.

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Not only are they properly high-powered enough to handle it, but they are also able to deal with ash that might not have quite cooled yet. In this article, we’ll take a look at 10 of the best ash vacuum cleaners under $100 for Christmas 2020.

Best Ash Vacuum Cleaners Under $100

1. TACKLIFE 800W Ash Vacuum Cleaner – Best Price

Best Ash Vacuum Cleaners Under $100

With a five-gallon capacity, the TACKLIFE 800W Ash Vacuum Cleaner is ready to take on plenty of built-up ash in one fell swoop.

This professional style vacuum is manufactured out of robust metal, solid from the inside out, including the ash tube itself.

The heat insulation of the arm stops it from getting hot to the touch, while at the same time absorbing the heat from any smoldering ash before collecting it in the bagless canister. This product serves as both a dry vacuum and a blower that makes it perfect for vacuuming and sweeping out grills, fireplaces, stoves, fire pits, barbecues, log burners, and beyond.

The washable, fire-resistant filter makes it easy to keep the vacuum as clean as your grills and ready to be used again and again.

2. PowerSmith PAVC102 – Most Accessories

PowerSmith PAVC102

Regardless of whether or not the ash in your appliances has cooled thoroughly or not, the PowerSmith PAVC102 is ready to safely suck it away and leave the appliance clean and ready to use when needed again.

This ash vacuum is suitable for use with fireplaces, pellet stoves, wood stoves, barbecue grills and fire pits and will always be ready to do the job, thanks to its replaceable, washable heat-resistant filter that is easy to clean.

The heat-resistant metal hose effortlessly sucks the ash into a metal canister, which can hold up to four gallons of ash before it needs to be cleaned again. If you want to use it as a blower instead of a vacuum, simply plug the hose into an air outlet instead.

3. SnowJoe ASHJ202

SnowJoe ASHJ202

The five amp motor of the SnowJoe ASHJ202 provides up to 500W of suction power at a time, making it a powerful ash vacuum that can take care of even the largest of messes.

Perfect for especially picking up cold ash from pellet stoves, wood stoves, and fireplaces, this ash vacuum features a long hose length of 46.8 inches, letting you get into smaller areas to attack the ash at all angles.

Inside of the machine is two filters including a pre-filter that filters out larger particles before they make it to the main filter. The result is a filtration system that never gets clogged up and is simple to clean out when the time comes.

4. PowerSmith PAVC101

PowerSmith PAVC101

Get a professional-quality cleaning job all on your own with this PowerSmith PAVC101. This vacuum is designed to work as well on cool ash as it does on hot ash and will effortlessly clean it out of fireplaces, pellet stoves, fire pits, and more.

Both the high-quality metal hose and metal canister are heat resistant and won’t take on damage from hot ash, instead simply trapping it inside to wait for you to dump it out. The fire-resistant filter system is made from ultra-fine material, which easily keeps even the finest ash and dust from clogging it up.

The filter is also replaceable and washable, making cleanup a minutes-long event. Casters and a 16-foot cord allow you to easily move it around as you work.

5. Vacmaster EATC608S

Vacmaster EATC608S

Delivering maximum suction power, the Vacmaster EATC608S runs on an 8-amp motor that gets the job done, no matter how long-overdue the job might be.

This high-powered ash vacuum is fierce but quiet and won’t leave your ears ringing once you’re finished cleaning out the fireplace, pellet stove, fire pit, barbecue or other such appliances. No matter how big the job is, the casters that sit on the base of the machine and the carrying handle allow you to easily tote it around the job site.

The LED work light makes it easier for you to operate the vacuum in low-light settings to increase your visibility, while the on-board accessory and hose storage brings convenient organization.

6. Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum

Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum

With an impressive 22-liter capacity for its size, the Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum allows you to take care of small cleanup work without having to constantly stop and empty the canister.

The vacuum features a convenient three-in-one functionality that will allow you to not only vacuum up dry debris like dust from fireplaces and fire pits, but it will allow you to take care of other messes as well. You can clean wet liquid spills, sawdust, dirt or dust and even blow leaves using the included blower port.

The 4HP motor makes all of this power possible so you can quickly, easily and efficiently get the job done. With more than 16 feet of cord, you can easily move the vacuum around without needing to plug it in every time.

7. Vacmaster VQ607SFD

Vacmaster VQ607SFD

Tackle big jobs with ease when you have the Vacmaster VQ607SFD on hand. This ash vacuum boasts a large, spacious six-gallon stainless steel tank that can take plenty of ash before needing to be dumped out.

Cleaning it is simple, thanks to the heavy-duty stainless steel body, so the machine will always be ready to go to work when you need it. The impressive 3HP motor of this vacuum ensures maximum suction no matter how dense the ash you are working on cleaning may be.

It boasts onboard storage for the accessories such as the cord to keep everything neatly organized as well as carrying handles and casters on the base to facilitate easy movement across the job site.

8. Petra Ash Vacuum Cleaner

Petra Ash Vacuum Cleaner

Effortlessly clean out fire pits, grills and more with help from the Petra Battery Operated Ash Vacuum Cleaner.

This ash vacuum effectively removes everything from the finest of dust to thick, cold ashes with ease, pulling the debris straight into its four-gallon tank to be disposed of easily later.

Thanks to the HEPA filter that this vacuum comes equipped with, you can breathe easier when using it indoors; the HEPA filter and mesh cover work together to trap all of the dust particles that might get kicked up into the air, so you won’t have to breathe them in.

Because of its lightweight, it is easily portable, allowing you to move it all around the space to tackle various jobs at once, and the ergonomic handle makes it even easier to tote around.



Perfect for removing ash from any fireplace, fire pit, pellet stove, and beyond, the CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17585 is a heavy-duty ash vacuum ready for industrial and domestic use all the same.

It boasts a metal-lined hose, drum, and wand to ensure the overall durability of the vacuum over a long period of time. Because of the non-stick-coated HEPA filter, any cool ash and other fine dust particles will get trapped inside instead of being breathed in by you.

With the LED light on the hose, you can easily work in lower light settings, so that not even the setting sun will stop your work. When it comes time to clean the vacuum, simply dump out the spacious five-gallon tank inside.

10. BACOENG 5.3-Gallon Ash Vacuum Cleaner

BACOENG 5.3-Gallon Ash Vacuum Cleaner

Bacoeng Ash Vacuum is a multi purpose vacuum suitable for or indoor – dry – vacuum jobs.

Its Double-stage filtration system prevents even the finest dust particles from escaping its suction capabilities and entering your breathing space. This protects also its motor from being damaged by sitting dust.

The Bacoeng Ash Vacuum comes equiped with a filling level indicator that will alert you when the time has come to empty the canister.

Its 10 amp motor has a heating protection system that prolongs its shelf life. The motor has a substantial suction power like no other ash vacuum cleaner.

The product Includes a Container lid, a Metal container, a Flexible metal suction hose, an Aluminum suction tube, a HEPA filter, a filter bag, a Wheel holder with wheel, Extension wands, Crevice nozzle, Upholstery nozzle, and Combi-attachment for carpets and smooth floors.

Final Verdict

Taking good care of your ash suctioning appliances is the first step to ensuring they work well and work safely. Above, you’ll find the top 10 best ash vacuum cleaners for under $100, so you can easily look through the reviews to find the one that best suits your needs.

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