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In this Backyard Revolution review, we explore the pros and cons of this free energy-producing, DIY guide as well as other backyard revolution reviews from people from around the world.

In A Glance – Backyard Revolution Review

Backyard Revolution Review

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Backyard Revolution Cover
Backyard Revolution is a DIY guide to build a solar energy device that has the ability to absorb solar power double that what other solar panels can. Because of the device’s portability, it is great for every household around the world that want’s to have an emergency power source in their backyard.
Quality of Information
Guide Design
Cost – Value For Money
Easiness to Construct


The Backyard Revolution 3D Solar Energy system is something that every homeowner around the world should own. The plans for building this solar energy system can be found in the Backyard Revolution’s detailed tutorials and schematics.


What Is Backyard Revolution?

The Backyard Revolution System is a step-by-step guide that teaches how to build a 3D solar energy panel in the comfort of your home.

This design is based on MIT research wherein there’s a series of overlapping solar panels that creates a zigzag shape going upward. Click here to check MIT’s research article on this subject. (opens in new window)

It allows the structure to gather double the amount of energy it collects compared to the flat solar panel layout that we are all so familiar with.

MIT's 3D Solar Tower prototype and real-life, man-sized 3D Solar tower system.
Left: The 3D Solar Panel System as designed by MIT. Right: Real Lifesize 3D Solar Energy System

The Backyard Revolution guide is suitable for those people who want to be prepared when a blackout occurs and no electricity is available – by harnessing the power of solar energy and the science behind this solar panel’s shape.

You’ll find this very helpful if you want to be energy-independent, if you’re tired of power outages, and if you’re looking for ways to lessen your electricity bill every month.

Backyard revolution is a DIY guide that explains in detail how to build a 3D Solar Power system and harness double the power of conventional solar panels. Click Here to visit the official Website.

About the Creator

The creator of this info-product is Zack Bennett (at least this is what the sales page claims) who has put up this guide to make other people not go through what he experienced.

Due to a power outage and the thought that the family had already gone on a vacation, a thief ransacked their house.

zack bennet from backyard revolution
Zack Bennett at his work shop

The fear for his family’s safety was one of his unforgettable moments that changed everything. He thought that if there’s even one light bulb turned on, the thief will know that there are people inside.

This is when he started researching alternative energy sources and focused on solar. He found this MIT article with a three-dimensional solar panel design that gathers more than the usual flat design. The one he saw was a tabletop gadget and it was too small to make any difference at his house.

Since he is a carpenter, he went on to work and make a bigger model, an invention per se, that can power up a room without needing a lot of space and resources upon installation.

That’s when the Backyard Revolution System was made.

Backyard Revolution’s sales page claims that the product’s creator is someone called Zack Bennet who had a robbery incident. Although many are complaining that the story is fake, Backyard Revolution’s system is real and it is backed up by MIT, featured on Futurism and on the Royal Society of Chemistry.

How Does the Backyard Revolution Work?

The solar energy system used in Backyard Revolution uses solar panels stacked on a zig-zag wooden frame (called 3D solar towers) that have the ability to stabilize solar output and decrease inefficiencies.

A Wooden 3D Solar Tower Construction
Wooden Framed 3D solar Tower as shown in the Backyard Revolution Schematics

Almost all solar panels are placed flat on the ground or on rooftops and harness solar energy when the sun is directly above them.

When the sun’s angle changes and its rays hit the solar panels from the side their efficiency shrinks dramatically.

Illustration depicting the efficiency of Backyard Revolution's 3D solar energy tower system compared to other forms of solar panels during clear and cloudy parts of the day.
Illustration (source) depicting the efficiency of Backyard Revolution’s 3D solar energy tower system compared to other forms of solar panels during clear and cloudy parts of the day.

MIT’s researchers developed this 3D zig-zag solar panel towered structure that allows it to absorb up to 20 times more sun than traditional flat solar panel installations.

By going vertical, the panels are able to collect more sunlight when the sun is closer to the horizon, generating a more uniform output over time. This uniformity is held even when seasons change and even when parts of the panels are blocked by clouds or shadows.

Solar panels absorb solar energy just like any other solar panel. The secret lies in the way they are placed. It is proven by MIT researchers that this towered, zig-zag way of placing solar panels boost solar energy absorption by more than 20 times than regular side-by-side solar panels.

Does the Backyard Revolution System Really Work?

The short answer to your question – If Backyard revolution actually works – is YES, it works.

I understand that this question hovers in the minds of everyone that’s looking into the Backyard Revolution System (opens in a new window).

I also understand the stress that is generated when you have to take money out of your pocket and spend them on an intangible product on the internet.

We were also skeptical about it when we first heard about it. It was too good to be true, but the total cost of building it compared to the amount that it can save from your monthly bills, we thought there’s not much risk at the end of the day

Here’s a video a homeowner send us to prove that the backyard revolution actually works.

Remember that this construction did not come out of the head of any crazy inventor but from researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The person behind Backyard Revolution took the research and applied it into a real working product with a material that anyone can obtain from local hardware and DIY Stores.

On top of that, the SAME 3D Solar panel construction method that is taught in Backyard Revolution is been applied for commercial use. Check Wiocor energy’s website (opens in new window) for more proof.

Keep scrolling, because, in the next section of our Backyard Revolution review, you will find reviews of backyard revolution from people who actually bought it and built the system themselves.

Backyard Revolution 3D Solar System really works. It is backed up by research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Companies have emerged that sell 3D Solar Towers using the very same system you are about to purchase.

Backyard Revolution Reviews

In this section, we gathered as many Backyard revolution reviews we could find from around the web – without filtering the bad ones from the good ones. They’ve been some good backyard revolution reviews and complaints as well. Check them below and make your own decisions.

Rodriguez Himeneth

I kid you not, it was totally worth it! At first, I tried it with a fan and I was ecstatic when it worked. Then, I was able to save up enough power to cover my garage’s energy consumption and it took out 20% of my electricity bill just for the first month.

Rodriguez Himeneth

Alachua, FL

Rus Wilson

Although at the beginning I was hesitant to buy it because of the blatantly stupid sales video, after researching on Google, I’ve found the MIT article that is mentioned. After reading it I was convinced that the research and science were there and I decided to give it a try. It turned out it was a very good choice after all.

Rus Wilson

Abernathy, TX

John Mak

As a carpenter myself, I gave it a try. After successfully setting it up in my backyard and hosting a barbecue evening with my friends, they started asking for one. I’ve started producing them and selling them around town. I’ve sold around 20 pieces until now and I am trying to find out ways to scale my production.

John Mak

Kankakee, IL

Andreas Rosenberg

If you are not someone with DIY skills, don’t buy it. I mean you need tools, and some DIY skills to do it. The product actually works though and I am powering the man-cave shed I set up in my backyard.

Andreas Rosenberg

Sacramento, CA

Tom Hardy

This device was what I was looking for my whole life. I am now feeling much safer not having to rely the government for powering up my property. I am building 3 more Solar towers and will be connecting them all together for even more energy production.

Tomy Harding

Birmingham, AL

Backyard Revolution works. At least what the majority of the reviews we found state. Some complaints regarding the product’s sales video. Also, you need to have some DIY skills if you want to give it a try or be prepared to pay someone to build it for you.

Click Here To Vist Backyard Revolution’s Official Website (opens in new tab)

Features of Backyard Revolution – What’s Included

Here’s what you get with your purchase of Backyard Revolution.

The Backyard Revolution System provides beginner-friendly video tutorials and instructions to build the 3D solar panel.

It offers the blueprint of a unique solar panel layout. Unlike the side-by-side solar panels, the Backyard Revolution stacks the panels on top of each other ιν a zigzag design.

When you decide to make the purchase, I want to set your expectation that you’ll receive a digital product. It features video tutorials and a downloadable PDF file with instructions with little to no complex technical terms.

Backyard Revolution Table of Contents (PDF Guide)
Backyard Revolution’s Table of Contents (PDF version)(source)
  1. List of Materials

As with every recipe or DIY project, you’ll need to get all the items and tools required to make the final product. No need for you to think about what works or not and all you have to do is to buy them. The tools and materials are easy to find. Some of it, you may already have in your garage.

  1. Shop recommendations

Backyard Revolution comes with information about where to get the materials to make it easier to get them without jumping from one store to another to complete your shopping list. It saves tremendous time and energy.

  1. Step-by-step instructions

The Backyard Revolution’s pride. Zack Bennet took 2 years doing trial and error until he perfects the blueprint that you’ll be getting. You won’t have to go through all the hardships the creator had to and the steps are simplified that even a person without building experience can do it.

  1. FREE Bonus Reports

With your purchase, you are also eligible for free bonuses.

Backyard revolution download area
Inside the Backyard Revolution downloads area.

Backyard Revolution Program Bonuses

I’ve already mentioned above the main features of the Backyard Revolution System. You’ll be glad to know that for $39, there are some bonus items thrown in. This makes it a bang for your buck. The package includes:

  • 12 months email access to Zack Bennett and his team for questions and clarifications
  • Homestead EMP Protection Protocol Guide
  • Homestead Alternative Energy Sources
  • Energy Stockpiling Secrets book

All this is covered by their 60-days Money Back Guarantee so if there’s an off-chance that this didn’t work for you or that you find it too hard to build, you’re sure to get a refund.

Advantages of Backyard Revolution

Aside from getting the knowledge on how to build a 3D solar panel system that will save you a lot from your monthly bills, you are also claiming your freedom from government and electricity companies.

Saves You Money

If you’re going to compare the number of resources, space, and money you’ll need when you contact a professional solar panel contractor, I’d say that the Backyard Revolution is way more practical. Think about it, when going the usual route when it comes to having solar panels at home, you will be set back by $20,000 or more.

This doesn’t mean that you will be free from the power companies, you’ll still have to pay maintenance fees and your monthly bills. It will take several years of electricity savings for you to get back the amount of money you paid to install the solar panels.

This is why even though solar energy is sustainable, not everyone is using it. It’s also the reason why more than 9000 homeowners across the US, took the dive with the Backyard Revolution Home Energy System.

Self Sustainable

There are other advantages that you’ll get when you this homemade solar energy system a go. We’re all aware of how unpredictable the times are now and imagine having the means to heat your meals or watch a TV while everyone is struggling to even reach their door when a power outage happens during a crisis. Yes, you’ll be energy-independent.


Using this structure and power system will also help preserve mother earth as solar panels only use the photons from the sunlight and then get converted into electricity. It doesn’t omit anything harmful to the environment.

With this homemade solar energy system, you will save money, become self-sustainable, have always a backup energy generator in your backyard, and help the planet by harnessing more solar power and less fossil fuel. Request your copy of backyard revolution from its official website.

Pros & Cons

I know some of you still have doubts about getting this great deal but let this review make it easier for you to decide. I’ll list the pros and cons of buying this program.


  • Backed by MIT – The construction is backed by research that’s been published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Easy to build – With its list of materials and detailed instructions, you’ll have the panels up and working in no time.
  • It’s portable – Due to its design, you can install the Backyard Revolution anywhere in your back or front yard. You’ll have no issues moving it around if you want to.
  • Generates renewable energy – No need to worry about damaging our environment. It generates power from sunlight which we get every day.
  • Saves money – Since you’ve got a renewable source that doesn’t depend on the big companies or the government, you get electricity with little to no cost.
  • No maintenance – It’s a simple structure that you built from scratch. If it requires minor fixes, you can effortlessly do it. No need to pay for third-party services or contractors.
  • Start your own business – You can start building and selling these homemade 3d solar energy towers or even join cyberpunks and start mining cryptocurrency for free.


  • DIY project – You’ll get the detailed instructions but you will still need to build it yourself.
  • Limited electricity – It will help you lessen the electricity consumption of your household but it wouldn’t be enough to replace it altogether unless you build multiple solar towers.
  • Shady sales video – There have been complaints about the products sales video.

With your digital purchase of Backyard Revolution, you receive a pdf guide, video tutorials, and three bonus reports.

Click here to visit Backyard Revolution’s official website (opens in new window).

Backyard Revolution Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Backyard revolution energy system.

Get Backyard Revolution from its official website.


I guess I can say that we relate to all your questions and concerns that you’re having towards Backyard Revolution and it’s the reason why we wrote this review. To make it easier for people to decide.

As its name suggests, it’s a revolutionary system that should be accessible to everyone. This way, we can minimize the things that our government and big companies are taking away from us. I refuse to be taken advantage of and I’m glad that I did this. No regret on my end.

Did you know that according to an article published back in 2019 by Futurism there are 2.6 Billion people around the world who lack access to electricity? Imagine them having Backyard Revolution’s schematics available.

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