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Vacuum Cleaners are one of the most precious items in the houses of people living with their pets. There is no other way of removing hair from carpets and other surfaces than using a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis.

Not all vacuum cleaners are powerful enough or suitable for removing pet hair and other messes, though. For example, if you have pets, you should make sure that the vacuum you purchase has at least 8 amps of power. Also, some additional tools would be necessary: e.g. a wide opening of the cleaner and brush patterns.

With over 135 years of experience, BISSELL offers a wide range of cleaning solutions. The BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet 2252 is aimed at people who live with pets, being specifically designed to help remove pet hair from different kinds of surfaces.

With this review, we want to discuss the BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet’s features and performance to see if it really can do what it promises.

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Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 14 x 15 inches
  • Product Weight: 13.7 pounds
  • Bin Capacity: 0.3 gallons
  • Automatic rewind cord
  • Cord Length: 26.9 feet
  • Bagless
  • Compatible with all floor types
  • Adjustable carpet height
  • Washable filter
  • Amperage: 8 amperes
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Warranty: 4 years
  • Bissell Homepage
  • BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet 2252 Manual

Main Features

Cyclonic Suction System

Since the ability of actually sucking up dirt from the surfaces is the main feature of any vacuum cleaner, we thought of starting from here. BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet 2252 features a so-called Multi-cyclonic suction system: it is powered by a motor that provides 8 amps suction power that can guarantee excellent and durable performance. This type of technology can separate dirt from air so that it can ensure strong suction power and prevent debris from clogging the filter.

Triple Action Brush Roll

BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet 2252 Review

Suction Power isn’t the only feature that defines a vacuum cleaner’s quality. The type of brush is just as important to determine the effective ability of the cleaner to remove dirt and debris from the surfaces. The BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet’s Triple Action Brush plays an important function in lifting pet hair from the surface, loosening it, and making the vacuum cleaning far more effective.

Whether you’re vacuuming a hard floor or a carpet, the BISSELL Swivel can easily remove dirt and pet hair with no debris scatter.

Brush Size

The brush size can also determine the effectiveness of a vacuum cleaner, and its design determines how many and what kind of surfaces you’ll actually be able to reach. The BISSELL Swivel Pet isn’t disappointing in either of the two fields. It features an extra-wide brush that enhances the vacuum cleaner’s suction power and allows an edge-to-edge cleaning thanks to its design and additional accessories.


Weight can determine the quality of a vacuum cleaner: you want to be able to carry it in any room of the house, even if your house is on two floors. Between a heavier and a more lightweight vacuum cleaner, the lightweight one is always preferable. The BLESSER Swivel Pet only weighs 13.7 pounds – in most cases, it weighs less than your dog, so any member of the family would have no problems carrying it up and down the house.


Vacuum cleaners are enemies number 1 of any neighbors; children and pets sometimes are scared of them – for these and other reasons you want your vacuum cleaner to be as quiet as possible. A quiet motor isn’t the BISSELL CleanView Swivel’s main quality. It isn’t the quietest vacuum cleaner on the market, but the noise it makes it’s still acceptable. After all, the Swivel Pet 2252 hasn’t been designed for being the quietest vacuum cleaner – it’s aimed to be the best at removing pet hair.

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If you’re considering purchasing the BISSELL Swivel Pet 2252, take a look at where power outlets are located around your house and consider that its cord length is 27 inches. This can help you understand if you’ll really be able to reach any corner you want to reach with this vacuum cleaner without attaching an extension cord all the time.

After use, the cord automatically rewinds for neat storage.

Bin Capacity

The BISSELL Swivel Pet features a 0.3 gallons bin which is large enough to allow you to clean wide surfaces without having to empty it half the way. This is a bagless system: it’s the cleanest and most comfortable system since you won’t need to buy and replace new bags.

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Washable Filter

The BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet is provided with the BISSELL 1214 Filter. You can wash the foam filter under tap water to enhance the cleaner’s suction power and also lengthens the filter’s life span. You should regularly clean the filter and replace it every 4-6 months. If you have a lot of pets that stay often inside the house (so you have a lot of pet hair to be removed every day) consider replacing the filter even more often.

Accessories included

The BISSELL CleanView Pet 2252 comes with some accessories that help you to clean any hard-to-reach place.

  1. An extension wand to reach high places and remove spiderwebs.
  2. A flexible Crevice Tool to remove pet hair from couches and pet beds
  3. Pet TurboEraser Tool

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The BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet 2252 comes with a 4-year warranty, which is 2 years longer than most device’s warranties.

Other Vacuum Cleaners To Consider

Below are some other good options to consider.

Final Thoughts

If you have a pet wandering inside the house, the BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet 2252 would be a necessary tool. Specifically designed for this purpose, it is one of the most effective vacuum cleaner in removing pet hair. Of course, removing hair isn’t its only function. You can use it as a powerful vacuum cleaner (perfect on carpets) for any surface of the house. When it comes to removing pet hair it just gives its best!

Check the BLESSER CeanView Swivel Pet 2252 vacuum cleaner on Amazon – for each product purchase, BISSELL will donate $10 to BISSELL Pet Foundation that assists organizations in their efforts to remove homeless pets from shelters and rescues.

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