Suppose you desire to get information from a website, perhaps a line in Joe Biden’s speech. What do you do? You simply copy and paste the information to your own file, right? But do you do when you desire to get large amounts of information from a website as fast as possible? Such as analyzing consumer trends or data for competing products and impact on pricing. In such a situation copying and pasting will not work. Instead, you would need efficient methods like web scraping.

Unlike the manual method of computing data, web scraping maximizes intelligence-automated methods to gather large amounts of data set in a smaller amount of time.

Let’s discuss web scraping better.

What is web scraping?

Web scraping is an efficient automated method used to obtain large amounts of data from different websites. Most data comes in an unstructured HTML format which is then converted into structured in a database or spreadsheet to make it easy to use in various applications.

Methods used for web scraping

There are many different ways to conduct web scraping to get data from websites. These include using services like API or creating your code for web scraping from the scratch. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, StackOverflow, etc. have APIs that keep their data accessible in a structured format. However, owners need to grant access to the users.

Some other websites are not technologically advanced and their data are unstructured. In this case, it is best to use Web Scraping, and the pre-built web scrapers like will save you lots of time and cost.

Some popular methods used in web scraping include:

Regular expression and matches capture in the text

This is one of the ways of retrieving information from the internet, and it is effective if you deal with self-monitoring of several information providers. But if you’re interested in scraping separate pieces (product name, prices, emails, phone numbers, and so on, you’ll spend about an hour per website. More so, you might face pitfalls such as JS rendering.

Again, regular expression may become a real challenge for people who don’t have experience with them. So you may need to use the service of a specialist which might be expensive to manage.

HTTPS requests (HTML review)

This method requires that you send HTTP requests to remote servers. It uses sockets programming and sort all the answers using pre-made data. However, the results obtained through this method may contain superfluous data, which may need to go through further answers processing.

More so, most websites have protection from such “robots.” And in case of suspicious constantly repeating interest to the data, there’s a chance that you’ll be banned.

Pre-built web scrapers: What makes them more effective?

Pre-built web scraping tools like “Web automation” helps to extract data instantly from any website in minutes. You don’t need any coding using this extractor.

The interesting part is that you can extract data from over 400 popular websites without any programming or maintenance required. Using pre-built scrapers is still the best way to get data from websites.

Some interesting features you enjoy with using pre-built scrapers like “Web Automation” include:

  • Your IP never gets blocked
  • You can bypass CAPTCHA’s and scrape bot protected websites
  • You can extract data with multiple levels of navigation, JAVASCRIPT, and data behind login
  • You can integrate your extracted data anywhere through our API and Web hook

How can Web Scraping help your business?

Web scraping can be used across various industries for several functions, including:

Market Research

Web scrapers, especially the ready-made types can help you collect high-quality web data from the market. This helps companies to analyze consumer trends and understand the right projections to make in the nearest future.

Price monitoring

Web scraping is an effective way to scrap product data for your company and competing products from other companies. This way you can understand how the product affects the pricing strategies. An example of a product data scraper is the Amazon product scraper that makes it ridiculously easy for even a none tech-savvy individual to scrape data.

Businesses can use this data to fix the pricing for products to be able to obtain maximum revenue.

Sentiment Analysis

As a business owner, you can use web-scraping tools to understand the general sentiment for your products among consumers.

Using pre-built web scrapers like “Web Automation” can help you collect data from social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook to understand what the general sentiment about your product is.

This will guide you more in creating products that are acceptable and moving ahead of your competition.

Furthermore, web scrapers can help you get a competitive advantage by scraping data from different travel websites to analyze hotel reviews, pricing, and more.

News monitoring

You can use web scrapers to get detailed reports on the current news of companies in your Industry. This is very important if your company or business is frequently in the news or depend on daily news for day-to-day functioning. You already know news reports can break or make a company in a single day.

Email marketing

You can use web scrapers for your business email marketing needs. The pre-built scrapers will help you collect Email ID’s from various sites in a fast turnaround time. Not only that, but these tools can help you send bulk promotional and marketing emails to people who own the email ID’s.

Web Automation has a library of already-built web scrapers of popular sites and this makes it possible for you to start getting data in minutes.

Final Remark

There are, no doubt, different ways of getting information from websites, but pre-built web scrapers like “Web Automation” make the whole process easy and fast. Besides, you don’t get to write any codes or understand complex programming languages to use them.

The world is moving at a fast pace, and you don’t want your business to be left behind. Instead of spending so much to hire professionals to scrap data for you from different websites (which is prone to many errors), you can get it done using automated procedures that turn any website into a spreadsheet or API in a couple of minutes.

The good part is that pre-built scrapers like Web Automation comes with one-click extractors for over 400 popular websites. You can even transfer your data to Dropbox, Shopify, Google Sheet, and many more.

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