The MiniTool MovieMaker is one of the best and super easy-to-use free tools available on the internet to fulfill most of your video making and editing needs.

The free tool comes with a simple and accessible user-friendly interface as well as a whole slew of helpful functionalities. It is very easy to set up with minimal system requirements and enables you to start working on your videos right away without any prior video design experience!


MiniTool MovieMaker lets users create videos within minutes. You can either choose to work with a template or design a video from scratch by adding your files through a dedicated import button.

Afterwards, you can go ahead and put in some fancy transitions and effects to give it a personal touch and make your videos more stylish and captivating to attract and engage with a larger audience. 

You can use the timeline option along with trim/split feature to combine or cut out some of the fragments to form a single video file without any lags or hiccups in performance levels. Furthermore, the addition of animated elements can really make your videos pop.

However, you should not use too many transitions, effects, and elements if you want to keep the video size to a minimum. 

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The neat auto-save project functionality helps you focus on what’s important without the constant need for manually saving it all the time. Another amazing feature is its video speed controller option which lets you create slow-motion and fast-forward effects to spice things up and be more creative.

You can also select a wide variety of different text styles and combine them with a zoom and pan effect along with some advanced color correction so that your videos can have a bit more flair to make things more interesting.

While there aren’t too many templates to work with, the ones that are available serve nicely as a base to customize things according to your style. 


Now, we will be covering some of the shortcomings of the tool. One of the major downsides of the MiniTool MovieMaker is its inability to support multiple video and audio tracks which makes it impossible to prepare reaction videos or insert background music.

This is a huge hassle for the professionals because most of the videos need to be edited together with multiple sound tracks for making them more engaging. 

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Another one of its disadvantages includes the incapability to crop out videos. Sometimes, you need to crop videos to remove some of the embarrassing backgrounds or focus on the more critical details and give them a more professional look, but with MiniTool MovieMaker, it isn’t possible to do so.


While the application has some advanced editing options, it definitely lacks some of the features that professionals need to really make their videos shine. 

However, it is a great option for amateur content creators and video editors to get a grasp of how things work for finally moving to much advanced tools like Filmora and Adobe Premiere Pro to make things more professional after getting a bit of experience.

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