My brushing experience took an upward turn after I purchased the Oral-B pro 7000 electric toothbrush.

This awesome toothbrush not only whitens my teeth but doubles as a source of entertainment and a personal dental professional while communicating with me. Awesome right?!

In this Oral B PRO 7000 Review I am sharing my experience with it as well as all the features this electric toothbrush ”monster” has to offer.

Oral B Pro 7000 Review

Round Bristles

The toothbrush head cleans each tooth by enclosing the bristles on the tooth, and the tooth head is angled at 16 degrees to enable the bristles to get to those hard to reach areas between the teeth. So now, I have no fears grinning everywhere I go.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The most amazing feature of the Oral-B Pro 7000 is communication! It’s the toothbrush that communicates as it cleans. It possesses the real-time feedback obtained by connecting the toothbrush with my phone via Bluetooth technology to access the Oral-B app on my smartphone.

This helps to reminds me to brush certain important areas of my mouth, monitor my brushing habits over time using intuitive graphs and charts, report and monitor my brushing progress by storing up to 6 months of my personal brushing data.

This toothbrush is my personal dental professional that guides my brushing experience so I can always check up on my brushing progress and analyze for improvement.

bluetooth min
– Bluetooth functionality

The intelligent Bluetooth technology also provides entertainment, news, weather info etc while brushing. It stores about 20 brushing sessions which can be used when I do not have my phone with me while I brush.

3D Action

My electric toothbrush has the 3D action that oscillates, rotates and pulsates. These actions combine to agitate the plaque on the tooth and hence, this toothbrush is better at removing plaque and stains from teeth surface than the average manual toothbrush by 100%.

The toothbrush is the head is made of different materials like silicon. The cross crossed bristles on the round head are perfectly positioned so that when combined with the 3D motion, the bristles go all over and brush all the whole tooth.

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6 Brushing Modes

I can use up to 6 different modes which are; Daily Clean, Sensitive, Gum Care, Deep Clean, Whitening, and Tongue Cleaner.

  • Daily Clean works using 3D oscillatory, pulsating and rotational movement for every day clean.
  • Gum Care helps to gently massage and stimulate the gums,
  • Sensitive uses a slow speed to carefully the clean teeth and gums.
  • Whitening helps to polish the tooth surface and remove stains by alternating speeds while brushing.
  • Deep Clean brushes my teeth for an extended period of time for an even more comprehensive clean, while the
  • Tongue Cleaner helps remove bacteria from the tongue.

Pressure Sensor

My Oral B PRO 7000 smart toothbrush has a pressure sensor that senses and lights up when I brush too hard and then stops the pulsations of the toothbrush to prevent causing injury to the teeth and gum due to hard brushing.

Quadrant Timer

Also, this toothbrush has a timer that indicates when I have spent 30 seconds while brushing a quadrant of my teeth and then signifies for me to change to another quadrant; so I spend the dentist recommended 2 minutes while brushing!

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Free Extra Brushing Heads

On purchasing this toothbrush, I got an Oral-B SmartSeries Handle, a Sensitive Brush Head, a CrossAction Brush Head, a ProWhite Brush Head, a Premium Charger with Refill Head Storage, a Premium Travel Case and a SmartGuide.

The different brush heads compatible with this toothbrush are CrossAction, Dual Clean, 3D White, Sensitive Clean, TriZone, Precision Clean, FlossAction, Deep Sweep, ProWhite, PowerTip, and Ortho.

Battery Life

On a full charge, Oral B 7000 can be used regularly for 10 days. For maximum battery capacity and usage, the battery should be totally depleted to discharge and recharge every 6 months.

Great Price / Value For Money

This 2.5 pounds toothbrush is sold for 114 dollars and rated 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon and has 3355 customer reviews and is available to be shipped to selected countries on Amazon

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Final Take

I hope you enjoyed my Oral B Pro 7000 Review. This Oral B pro 7000 review covered all its features as well as my personal thoughts on this electric toothbrush.

Upgrade your own brushing experience today, let Oral-B Pro 7000 entertain and communicate with you while brightening up your smile!

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