I've been on the hunt for a vacuum cleaner that can effortlessly clean my home while I attend to other tasks.

That's why I was intrigued when I came across the Roomba 694, a Wi-Fi enabled vacuum with smart features.

In this article, I'll provide you with an in-depth review of this innovative cleaning device.

From its convenient Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with voice assistants to its sleek design and powerful cleaning system, the Roomba 694 offers a lot of value.

Stay tuned for my personal user experience and final verdict.

About The Product

When it comes to the Roomba 694, I must say that I've been thoroughly impressed. The Wi-Fi enabled features and smart capabilities have truly exceeded my expectations. Being able to connect to the iRobot HOME app and voice assistants has made controlling and scheduling a breeze. Not to mention, the sleek design adds a modern touch to any home decor.

But what truly sets the Roomba 694 apart is its 3-stage cleaning system. With dual multi-surface brushes and an edge-sweeping brush, it ensures a thorough clean in every nook and cranny. The adaptive navigation, powered by advanced sensors and cliff detect technology, allows it to effortlessly navigate around obstacles and prevent falls. And let's not forget about the Dirt Detect Sensors that target areas with high levels of dirt, providing a deep clean.

One feature that I particularly appreciate is the auto-adjust cleaning head. It seamlessly transitions between carpets and hard floors, making it suitable for all types of surfaces. And with a runtime of 90 minutes, it can efficiently clean most spaces without needing constant recharging.

Pros and Cons

When considering the pros and cons of the Roomba 694, there are several noteworthy points to consider.

On the positive side, the vacuum offers Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with the iRobot HOME app, which allows for convenient scheduling and control. This feature is particularly beneficial as it provides flexibility and ease of use.

Additionally, the 3-stage cleaning system and adaptive navigation with advanced sensors contribute to effective cleaning performance. These aspects enhance the overall functionality of the vacuum and ensure a thorough cleaning experience.

However, it's important to note some potential drawbacks. Some users have criticized the vacuum's random movement and difficulty in programming, which can be frustrating for those seeking more precise control. Moreover, the lack of certain features, such as a virtual wall and room mapping capabilities, may limit its versatility in certain situations.

In my opinion, despite these drawbacks, the Roomba 694 still offers valuable features and reliable cleaning performance. It provides a convenient and effective solution for maintaining a clean living space.


In terms of pros, there are several standout features that make the Roomba 694 a top choice for homeowners seeking a Wi-Fi enabled vacuum with smart features. Here are four reasons why this vacuum stands out:

  1. Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with iRobot HOME app: This allows you to control and schedule the vacuum from anywhere, which makes it incredibly convenient and easy to use.
  2. 3-stage cleaning system: The dual multi-surface brushes and edge-sweeping brush ensure a thorough clean, especially for pet hair and daily dirt. This feature makes it highly effective in maintaining a clean home.
  3. Adaptive navigation with advanced sensors: The Roomba 694 can navigate around objects and furniture, avoiding obstacles and providing efficient cleaning. This intelligent navigation system saves time and ensures a comprehensive cleaning experience.
  4. Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head: With this feature, the vacuum can automatically adjust its cleaning head to adapt to different floor types, ensuring effective cleaning on both carpets and hard floors. This versatility is a huge advantage for homeowners with different flooring surfaces.

These features make the Roomba 694 a reliable and efficient choice for keeping your home clean. In my opinion, this vacuum offers excellent value for its performance and smart capabilities.


Overall, I believe there are a few drawbacks worth considering when it comes to the Roomba 694. Here are four cons to keep in mind:

  1. Random movement: Some users have criticized the Roomba 694's random movement pattern, stating that it can result in missed spots during cleaning sessions.
  2. Difficulty in programming: There have been mentions of the Roomba 694 being challenging to program, with some users expressing frustration over the lack of clear instructions.
  3. Lack of handle: Unlike previous Roomba models, the Roomba 694 doesn't have a handle, which can make it inconvenient to carry and handle the vacuum.
  4. Edge cleaning and maintenance: Feedback suggests that the Roomba 694 could be improved in terms of cleaning edges effectively. Additionally, some users have mentioned that the vacuum requires more maintenance after each use compared to other models.

While the Roomba 694 has its limitations, it's important to consider these cons alongside its positive features before making a purchasing decision.

Most Notable Features

The Roomba 694 stands out for its Wi-Fi compatibility and app control, which make it convenient to operate and schedule cleaning sessions remotely. In my opinion, one of its most impressive features is its ability to effectively remove pet hair and daily dirt, making it a great choice for households with pets.

However, there are varying opinions on its size, with some users finding it difficult to fit under furniture. Additionally, while the battery life and navigation capabilities receive praise, I believe there's room for improvement when it comes to cleaning edges and performing maintenance after each use.

Wi-Fi Compatibility and App Control

With its Wi-Fi compatibility and app control, the Roomba 694 offers a convenient and efficient cleaning experience.

I believe that the ability to control the vacuum through the iRobot HOME app is truly beneficial. It allows you to start or schedule cleanings from anywhere, making it especially useful for individuals with busy schedules or those who desire a clean home to come back to.

Additionally, the app provides status updates and the option to customize cleaning preferences.

What's even more impressive is that the Roomba 694 is compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This integration with smart home technology adds a new level of convenience and ease to your cleaning routine, in my opinion.

Effective Pet Hair Removal

I believe that the most notable feature of the Roomba 694 for effective pet hair removal is its dual multi-surface brushes. These brushes are specifically designed to tackle pet hair and other debris on different floor surfaces, including carpets and hard floors.

With their unique bristle pattern and counter-rotating action, they effectively loosen and lift pet hair from deep within the carpet fibers, ensuring a thorough clean. The brushes also have a self-adjusting feature that allows them to automatically adapt to different floor heights, ensuring consistent performance across the entire cleaning area.

This is particularly beneficial for households with pets that shed a lot of hair. Overall, the dual multi-surface brushes of the Roomba 694 play a crucial role in its ability to effectively remove pet hair and maintain a clean living space.

Mixed Opinions on Size

Size has been a point of contention among users of the Roomba 694, with varying opinions on its compactness and ability to fit under furniture. Some users believe that the size of the Roomba 694 is ideal, as it allows the vacuum to navigate easily in tight spaces and reach under low furniture. They appreciate the slim design, which they feel enables the vacuum to clean areas that are typically hard to reach.

However, there are also users who feel that the Roomba 694 is too bulky and struggles to fit under certain pieces of furniture. They find it frustrating when the vacuum gets stuck or can't clean certain areas due to its size.

Battery Life and Navigation

The Roomba 694 stands out for its impressive battery life and efficient navigation system, which greatly enhance the overall user experience.

With a runtime of 90 minutes, this vacuum can effortlessly clean large areas without the need for frequent recharging. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with spacious homes or multiple rooms that require cleaning.

The Roomba's adaptive navigation system, equipped with advanced sensors and cliff detection, allows it to move seamlessly around furniture and other obstacles, ensuring a thorough cleaning session.

Additionally, the vacuum features dirt detect sensors that target areas with higher concentrations of dirt and debris, resulting in a more effective and efficient cleaning experience.

Need for Improvement

One notable improvement that could greatly improve the Roomba 694's performance is the inclusion of a more durable and long-lasting brush system.

The current dual multi-surface brushes are effective in picking up dirt and debris, but there have been concerns raised by users regarding their durability and the need for frequent replacement.

In my opinion, a more robust brush system wouldn't only address these concerns but also ensure a longer lifespan for the vacuum.

This improvement would result in a more reliable and efficient cleaning experience, reducing the hassle of constantly replacing brushes and ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Final take: Should You Buy?

In my experience with the Roomba 694, I'd highly recommend considering this Wi-Fi enabled vacuum with smart features for your cleaning needs.

The Roomba 694 offers a range of features that make it a convenient and efficient cleaning tool. With its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control it through the iRobot HOME app or voice assistants, allowing you to schedule cleaning sessions from anywhere.

The 3-stage cleaning system, adaptive navigation, and dirt detect sensors ensure thorough and targeted cleaning. The Roomba 694 performs well on both carpets and hard floors, picking up daily dirt and pet hair effectively.

While there are some concerns about the quality of brushes and the need for replacement parts, overall, the positive feedback on cleaning performance and battery life outweigh these minor drawbacks.

Considering its features and performance, the Roomba 694 is a worthwhile investment for keeping your home clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Roomba 694 Compare to Other Roomba Models in Terms of Cleaning Efficiency and Features?

The Roomba 694 is a fantastic option when compared to other Roomba models in terms of cleaning efficiency and features. It offers Wi-Fi connectivity, adaptive navigation, and a 3-stage cleaning system, which makes it a reliable and efficient choice for keeping your home clean.

Can the Roomba 694 Be Controlled and Scheduled Through Voice Assistants Like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant?

Yes, the Roomba 694 can indeed be controlled and scheduled through voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. In my opinion, this feature adds a great deal of convenience and ease of use to the device. It allows for hands-free operation and seamless integration with smart home systems, which I find to be extremely beneficial.

Does the Roomba 694 Come With a Virtual Wall or Room Mapping Feature to Restrict Its Cleaning Area?

No, in my opinion, the Roomba 694 unfortunately does not come with a virtual wall or room mapping feature to restrict its cleaning area. However, it does rely on adaptive navigation with advanced sensors to navigate around objects and furniture, which is a decent alternative.

Is There a Recommended Cleaning Tool Kit Available for the Roomba 694 to Deal With Hair Wrapped Around the Brushes?

Yes, there is a highly recommended cleaning tool kit available for the Roomba 694 to effectively deal with hair wrapped around the brushes. I believe it is essential for maintaining the vacuum's performance and ensuring efficient cleaning.

How Does the Roomba 694's Battery Life and Runtime Compare to Other Roomba Models?

The Roomba 694 has a runtime of 90 minutes, which is comparable to other Roomba models. In my opinion, this is sufficient for most cleaning tasks. Its battery life is also adequate, allowing for convenient and efficient cleaning to maintain a clean home.

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