This is my honest Yamay Smartwatch Review (ip68). I am a huge fitness enthusiast who loves to start my day with a long run. However, I always feared that I’d deviate from this daily activity if I couldn’t turn it into some fun.

Fortunately, I came across Yamay Smartwatch (ip68). I was a bit hesitant to buy at first but the features hooked me right in. This smartwatch and fitness tracker has been my buddy for months now and it aids me to track my step counts, sleep patterns, pace, heart rate, and whatnot. In short, this fitness device has made my mornings fun.

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Yamay Smartwatch Review – Video

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Yamay Smartwatch Review – Features

Here’s what I think of the Yamay Smartwatch fitness tracker:


The Yamay smartwatch tracker amazed me with its tracking capabilities. It can measure your heart rate, distance covered, the pace of walk/jog, calories burned in a day, sleep patterns, and a GPS to track distance. In short, this one is a complete package.

Special Options

You must be thinking what’s so special about? Every fitness tracker has almost the same functionalities. Well, this one actually goes the extra mile.

  • Breath Guide: I tested the breath guide feature and it got me really excited. It notes the reading when you exhale and inhale, and guides you on how to meditate.
  • 14 Modes Activity Tracker: Another feature that caught my eye was the 14 modes offered by this tracker. It lets you choose a cycling mode, running mode, jog mode, walk mode and many other modes as well. This way you can enjoy a mix of exercises.
  • Female Health Tracker: You must be thinking why do I need a female health tracker for? I don’t. I just found out that this tracker is great for females too. It can track menstrual cycle periods for women and prepare them for the next ovulation. There aren’t many trackers that can do this. 
  • Social Media: If you’re a social media addict like me then you will love this tracker. It connects to all your accounts and passes your notifications.

Smartphone Alerts

The Yamay fitness tracker kicks up a notch by offering excellent smartphone alerts. I connected it to my iPhone using the VeryFitPro app and now I don’t have to take my phone out every time I get a message, an email or a call alert. This tracker shows it all. In fact, it lets me control music on my phone too. 

IP68 Waterproof

I love to fact that this watch is waterproof and I don’t have to take it off when I go for a dip in the pool or worry about removing it when it rains.

Yamay Smartwatch Review - Waterproof
Yamay Smartwatch is IP68 waterproof certified

Countdown Timer And Stopwatch

What good is a fitness tracker if it brings no improvement in you? This one helps you out by offering an accurate timer countdown. You can time your laps and push yourself every day to become better and faster.

Charging And Battery

Honestly, I wasn’t content with the last fitness tracker I had because it had a poor battery timing. However, there’s no such case with this one as it runs for almost a week or even longer than that. Moreover, it only takes 2 hours to charge completely. 

YAMAY Smart Watch for Android and iOS Phone IP68 Waterproof Fitness Tracker Watch with Heart Rate.jpg Q90.jpg
Yamay Smartwatch & Fitness Tracker has a great Battery life

Sleep And Vibration Alarms

The Yamay smartwatch is a great device for those who are looking to improve their sleep quality.

One of the features that makes it so useful for this purpose is the ability to set Sleep and Vibration alarms. The Sleep alarm will wake you up at a specific time, allowing you to get out of bed and start your day on a more rested schedule.

The Vibration alarm, on the other hand, can be set to go off at specific intervals throughout the night. This can help to remind you to change positions or get up and move around, preventing you from sleeping in one position for too long.

As a result, the Yamay smartwatch can help you to get a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Design And Build

The Yamay smartwatch is a stylish and well-designed piece of technology. It is also durable, with a strong build that can withstand everyday wear and tear. The watch is available in a range of different colors, and it features a high-quality OLED display.

There is also a heart rate monitor, which is a valuable feature for those who want to keep track of their fitness levels. The watch is powered by a rechargeable battery, and it comes with a USB charging cable. Overall, the Yamay smartwatch is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a stylish and durable piece of technology.

HD Color Screen

The high definition, color smartwatch screen is a very good feature on the Yamay Smartwatch. The watch face is high definition and the colors are very good. The screen is big and clear, making it easy to read.

I really like this feature because it makes the watch look nicer and more stylish. It’s also great for people who have trouble seeing small print. The high definition color screen is a great addition to the Yamay Smartwatch.


The Yamay Smartwatch is more than just a fitness tracker. It also provides accurate vitals that can be quite helpful for those who are monitoring their health.

The high definition color screen is easy to read, and the tracking features are very good. I have found that the vitals shown by the Yamay Smartwatch are quite accurate, and I am very happy with this product.

More Yamay Smartwatch Reviews

Here are some more Yamay Smartwatch reviews from other people who bought the product from You can read more customer reviews by clicking here.

First Time Buying Fitness Activity Tracker and It was a BOMB!!

Review by Edwin Ng | July 9, 2019 | Verified Purchase

This is the first fitness tracker that I got and surprisingly I felt in love with it. I have used it daily for a week, and I was satisfied with how portable it is and made it easier for my daily workout.

First of all, it had a wider screen compared with other fitness trackers. I can easily see what time it is and who is looking for me as it vibrates and show who texted me when I am doing exercise. Very impressive that it’s light, tight enough and easy to fit in and take off while I always have a busy schedule as an entrepreneur. It not just has the tracking function but also takes care of our daily routine. And it was very user-friendly too 🙂 It just took me a few minutes to get used to it; just download the app they requested then I can start using it! Very user-friendly 😉

For the tracking program, it can track your time, heartbeat and distance of running, hiking, and bicycle. For people like me who usually didn’t quite aware of these “numbers”, discovered that I actually just walked 4k+ steps per day, which supposing 10k per person daily for a healthy life. It motivates me to walk more, move more and know myself more.

I definitely recommend those of you that are looking for an activity tracker. Give it a try with this reasonable price! (source)

This Yama Smartwatch has more features than I expected!

Review by K. Leasure | July 17, 2019 | Verified Purchase

I bought this Yama smartwatch because I trusted their quality from a previous purchase. I wanted a bolder looking smartwatch and that’s what I got!

I ordered the red strap and combined with the wider, brighter screen have been encouraging toward my journey to a stronger self. I’m walking more now and I love that I can see clearly how many steps I’m taking.

It even measures my heart rate. I love that it is waterproof and it was put to the test when I went on vacation and swam in the pool. My girlfriend wants one now also! We walk together 2x’s a week together and I’m feeling a difference.

I’m trying to lead a less sedate life and when I’m sitting too long a feel that little buzz reminder to get moving! I’m not even a techie yet unboxing it and following the instructions were not too challenging.

I hooked it up to my charger and downloaded the app. I liked how easy it was to make this smartwatch sync to my phone and allowing me to see exactly how I’m progressing.

I wear it to bed and it even analyzes my sleep pattern, so I know the next day that the coffee I had later last night did affect my deep sleep and I’m changing even those habits. There are many great features i.e it can check simple text messages but that’s not why I bought it even though that’s a plus. Yama you’ve done it again with an even greater product.

I can’t express enough how vivid the screen is so that even when I’m not wearing my glasses I’m able to see the face clearly. PS The lightweight band is perfect!

Awesome Fitness Tracker, just the one for everything!!

August 1, 2019 | Verified Purchase

I got this amazing tracker a couple of weeks back and not to mention the fast delivery as it was delivered well before even I was expecting it to be home. This is my first smartwatch so I had a lot of expectations from this cool device and I am really moved and fascinated by the way this cool gadget works.

Starting with the build this gadget is really strong and feels really sleek with a sensitive touch screen. The IP68 glass is really glossy and the details are really crisp when in the display. it really is full of features that I wasn’t even aware of when I got this tracker. It has got a relax feature wherein you could really relax once done with the workout.

It tracks heart rate, quality sleep time, alarm and 14 different modes of operation. It gets connected to the Bluetooth devices very easily ( I have only tried on my android device and it works like a charm).

The pedometer displays the calories burnt, steps walked distance pace and the time I covered during my workout which is all the information I ever wanted from a tracker. can be easily connected to the phone to view the GPS positioning.

It works great for the message alerts that come on to the phone on Facebook, Twitter Whatsapp and all other messaging apps which is really cool. It has got two switches to route between the screens and is equipped with a strong battery which works for 6-7 days if I wear it all day long which is really nice for such a small gadget.

It also has this brightness adjustment feature which works under different lighting environment. It has got easy replaceable bands which can be done by switching the clicker on each band on the tracker.

Having all the cool features and also being waterproof is what makes this gadget a must-have for this price. Works great while swimming and the glass is very strong which can handle the wear and tear during heavy workouts. I would really recommend this tracker for the first-timers to get started with this tracker and give it a go.

The fitness tracker can be tracked by the app which goes by VeryFitPro which can be found on the google play store. The app is very user-friendly and is not clunky like other applications out there for tracking. I would give it a 5 star for all the features that this gadget possesses for this price.

Yamay Smartwatch FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Yamay Smartwatch

Yes, it supports Spotify

Yes, it is compatible with most iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 above smartphones.

Yes, it is compatible with TCL XL phones

Final Take – Yamay Smartwatch Review

The Yamay fitness tracker is a great device for those looking for something with a variety of sizes, a flashlight, and replaceable band. With its sensitive touch screen and HD color display, this tracker is sure to please.

It also comes with a 1-year warranty, making it easier for you to have peace of mind when purchasing it. Be sure to check out the reviews and price yourself before making your decision!

We hope you enjoyed our Yamay Smartwatch Review. If you’ve found it useful, feel free to share this review with your communities and help us reach more people.

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