An RV surge protector is a device that protects your home appliances from voltage spikes in the power lines. It also helps to protect against direct lightning strikes, which can be devastating for all electrical devices plugged into outlets or running on battery power.

You may not realize it, but most of the household electronics we use today are sensitive to voltage fluctuations and can be damaged if they aren’t protected with a surge protector.

From computers to televisions, microwaves to alarm clocks, even electric toothbrushes could be harmed by an unexpected spike in electricity while they’re charging!

So no matter how old or new your RV is, consider installing an RV surge protector to protect your home appliances.

This blog post will discuss the top 5 things that you should know before buying an RV surge protector.

Top 5 Thing To Buy A Best RV Surge Protector

There are many things that you need to consider before buying an RV surge protector. We will discuss the top five things with you in this blog post, and we hope that it will help you choose the best RV surge protector for your needs.

1) Joules Rating

The Joule rating of an RV surge protector measures the amount of energy it can absorb before failing. The higher the joule rating, the more expensive it will be. A 1000 Joules or less is considered to be average for most surge protectors. But if you want protection beyond your basic needs, you should buy an RV surge protector with a joule rating of at least 2000.

2) Coaxial Protection

It is essential to check whether the RV surge protector that you are about to purchase has coaxial protection or not. This is because many times, we use cable TV and satellite antenna on our RVs. So an RVer should look for an RV surge protector which has coaxial protection.

3) Timer Settings

Another important aspect of a good RV surge protector is the timer settings available on it. The timer settings allow you to set a time limit after which all the protected items will turn off if there’s no power supply flowing through the RV surge protector. This is a handy feature because if the RV surge protector loses power supply, it will automatically turn off all the protected items.

4) LED Indicators

LED indicators are little lights that show whether the RV surge protector has proper voltage flowing through it or not. These LED indicators also tell you when there’s an overload in the RV surge protector. This is a great feature to have because these LED indicators help you diagnose your RV surge protector and figure out if there’s a weakness that needs repair.

5) Warranty

Warranty is one of the most important things that you should consider before buying an RV surge protector. The longer the warranty period, the better. A good RV surge protector comes with a 3-year warranty or more. So when you are looking to buy an RV surge protector, always look for one having a decent warranty period.

The above points will help you choose the best RV surge protector for your needs, and it will give protection from voltage fluctuations in your area. Always remember that an RV surge protector is a must-have if you own an RV!

Final Advice

Before buying an RV surge protector, you can surely choose the best one for your needs if you consider the above points. Also, you should check the pros and cons of RV surge protectors online before buying one. It will help you to choose the best RV surge protector that meets your requirements.

If you have any questions about the top 5 things to buy the best RV surge protector, feel free to ask us in the comments section below. We will be glad to help you out.

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