IT is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and with growth comes more opportunities. As technology continues to advance, there are new jobs being created all the time.

These careers require different skill sets than those that existed just a few years ago. We want you to be at the forefront of this emerging industry by educating yourself on what these best IT careers will look like for 2021.

Software Architect 

Although software architects are responsible for designing and planning the software systems, they are just as valuable as other executives, if not more so.  That is because their job is to advance the information system that can be used by the entire organization.  Thus, technological advantages can be used to compete against other departments.

QA Automation Engineer Job

This is the highest-ranking position inside of a company that requires an advanced understanding of computer science and the overall systems development process. In the QA automation engineer job you are responsible for daily operations, analysis, and planning.  This role is the basis for planning and implementing future development in the computer systems and networks.

Computer Systems Software Engineers 

Computer Systems Software engineers often lead teams that develop and test computer games, business applications, and in-house business systems.  They are skilled engineers who use and develop many different programming languages, such as C, C++, PERL, SIEBEL, etc. to help their employers.

Database Administrator 

A database administrator is responsible for the health and safety of all database users in an organization. He is able to backup and restore the database whenever there is a need.  If the system allows, the database administrator may also manage security and administrator accounts for the database users.  He will also be able to plan and implement effective staffing strategies to get the most out of the software and equipment that is being used in the workplace.

Network Administrator 

Network engineers, which are also known as network designers or network architects, take the time to create the highly-efficient communication systems within an organization.  They must plan where the network should go and figure out how to connect computers and other equipment to get the most out of those systems.  Their design and proposal process is usually done during the planning phase.  As with any position, it is important to do ample research when looking for a network administrator position.

Advanced Network Designer 

This advanced position involves a continued improvement in the design of software and network solutions.  “This career path involves a significant amount of networking and software development.” mentioned Alex from Spin Career.  Advanced network designers work in small and large environments throughout the world.  They design and develop software, solutions, and networking technologies.

Computer/Network Engineer 

This career path involves the successful candidate gaining hands-on experience with the organization’s computer network systems.  A computer network engineer will continue to develop and improve existing equipment, bring new technologies into the light of day to day operations, and to be Present in the network to offer support services to the network users.

Information Technology Manager 

This is the king of all computer science positions.  This top PC clerical position is responsible for all support services for the corporate-owned computers and networks.  This individual is responsible for monitoring the total systems redesign and implementation process.  An individual that can analyze information systems while acting as a facilitator between the business users and the technological staff using the liaison function.

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