AKASO is a young company that builds high-quality and affordable action cameras. It has become one of the leading action camera brands worldwide competing brands like GoPro. In our Akaso Brave 4 Review, we will examine its top characteristics and features.

Whether you are a sports lover or an adventurer and you want to capture your best moments to share them or be sure you’ll never forget them, you won’t have to spend a fortune on an action camera that allows you to do that.

The AKASO Brave 4 has everything you need to take good-quality action pictures and it costs only 80$! Buyers and reviewers are loving it. What are the features that are making this item so appreciated by users? Continue reading our Akaso Brave 4 Review to find out.

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Akaso Brave 4 Review

Before we dive into the Akaso Brave 4 Review, we think you might want to check this cool video from Keith Baker who reviews Akaso Brave 4.

Akaso Brave 4 PROS & CONS


  • Low price
  • Good video and photo quality (high resolution)
  • Waterproof case
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek Design


  • 64 Gb limitation memory
  • Fragile glass component.


The AKASO Brave 4 features the same design as most action cameras: a rectangular shape, with a lens on the front and a screen on the back. It’s simple but effective and it makes the camera easy and secure to hold. To this traditional design AKASO only added a small LCD screen on the front side, with the power button placed underneath it.

On one side you can find the three ports – MicroUSB, MicroSD, and MicroHDMI – while on the opposite side there are the navigation buttons.

The AKASO Brave 4 is also very lightweight (2.2 oz).

Akaso Brave 4 review - Akaso's Adjustable View Angle Feature

Setting and menu

The AKASO Brave 4 features a regular screen (no touchscreen). You can navigate through the setting menu with the two buttons on the side. After some use, the logic behind the menu becomes natural and you won’t find any difficulty setting up your camera.

Also, you can pair your AKASO Brave 4 with your phone through an App – the AKASO DV – which is available for both Android and iOS operative systems. From the app, you can change the camera settings, access to past recordings, other than have a live feed. Changing the setting from the app is even easier than doing it from the camera setting menu.

Video quality

The AKASO Brave 4 can record video at a 1080p resolution. This means that this action camera can capture high-quality images, with clarity and contrast. Its software can also scale the images at your desired size. Thanks to its waterproof case, the AKASO Brave 4 is also fantastic underwater: the footage is clear and the details are sharp. You can record or take photos up to 30M underwater.

Anti-shaking system

The AKASO Brave 4 ’s anti-shaking system allows you to choose your angle of view ranging from 170 to 70 degrees and gives you stable videos. No matter how much you move, run, jump or climb, the camera will always give you good quality images.

Preview of Akaso 4 Brave anti-shaking technology
Preview of Akaso 4 Brave anti-shaking technology


As we’ve mentioned before, the AKASO Brave 4 works greatly underwater. But the waterproof case that comes with it can be useful in plenty of other circumstances. Imagine you’re at a party, walking on the beach, or you’re out on your mountain bike and it starts raining: you can fasten your case to your camera and keep on having fun without worrying about your camera getting wet.


The HDMI port allows you to connect your camera directly to a television.


This action camera is provided with wi-fi. To connect your camera you need to use an app called iSmart DV, which is available for both Android and iOS operative systems. After connecting, you can share videos and images on social media and even send them via email.


The AKASO Brave 4 action camera comes with two batteries with a charging capacity of 1050mAh. One battery can last up to 90 minutes. The batteries are rechargeable so you can just plug them into the power source whenever their power runs out. Just be careful not to overcharge them otherwise you’ll risk damaging them.

Having batteries like these at your service means that you can capture your favorite moments for three uninterrupted hours, and this when you record at the highest resolution. You can make the batteries last even longer if you lower the video recording quality.


To ensure your AKASO Brave 4 will serve you well, it’ll come with a set of useful accessories:

  • Remote control;
  • 2x 1050mAh batteries;
  • Waterproof case;
  • Bicycle stand;
  • 7x Mount;
  • 2x Clip;
  • One piece of helmet mounts;
  • Bandage;
  • 5x tethers;
  • Protective backdoor;
  • USB cable.
Akaso Brave Accessories

This AKASO Brave 4 is an affordable action camera with super interesting features: from the high quality of the videos, you can take with it, to the power of the two batteries that are included in the package, with this camera you can have fun without limitations!

Also, Amazon reviewers are also loving it. On Amazon, it has 2761 ratings and a total score of 4.4/5. This is what they’re saying:

  • “Incredible value for the money. Great quality videos, acceptable photos, fully waterproof, good menu, plenty of accessories.”
  • “I used this camera recently on a snorkeling trip and it worked very well. The video quality is great and photos turned out nice as well.”

Reviewers that have chosen the AKASO Brave 4 instead of a GoPro are not regretting their choice:

  • “I’ve been wanting a GoPro for a while now for bike and quad riding but couldn’t spend the money they want for them. So I looked into action cams. Found this one for a great price and although it didn’t have a lot of reviews the ones it did have were good. So I pulled the trigger and purchased it. I’m really glad I did too. It literally comes with everything you would ever need.”
  •  I wanted an action type camera but didn’t need it enough to justify spending the money on an actual GoPro. For the price, I was blown away by the camera. The HD 60fps is where this camera shines the most.

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The Akaso Brave 4 is one of the best action cameras for the money you can get on your hands. With 2761 reviews and a total score of 4.4/5 on Amazon, getting this camera is a no brainer. I hope you enjoyed our Akaso Brave 4 Review.

If you have any questions, leave them below in the comments section and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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