Welcome to our BenQ E-Reading Led Desk Lamp Review. BenQ may be known for its quality displays, but it has also made us used to a number of special and unique gadgets that aim to make our contact with everyday tech easier and more comfortable.

The WiT, BenQ’s e-Reading Led Desk Lamp is ideal for all users who tend to spend countless hours in front of their computer screen and are looking for artificial light that will make them feel rested and comfortable.

BenQ E-Reading Led Desk Lamp Review


Unlike a usual Screen Bar that can be attached to each monitor, BenQ E-Reading Led Desk Lamp is a standalone lamp (office lamp) that can “decorate” each space and be located next to each computer and monitor.

Looking at it more carefully you can only admire the special emphasis that BenQ has placed on the design that makes BenQ E-Reading Led Desk Lamp a real “jewel”.

The curved side that looks like it came out of Calatrava’s drawing board, the sturdy circular base, the easy-to-use circular control button (which sets the intensity), and the adjustable arm add extra points to ease of use.

Made from premium and eco-friendly materials, BenQ E-Reading Led Desk Lamp seamlessly combines aluminum alloy with zinc and industrial resin.

Impressive Lighting Results

Upon facing it, it didn’t take long to realize that BenQ’s proposal is designed in such a way that it fits every interior environment, giving a unique futuristic touch that you can’t ignore. Its distinctive design of course is not only for the “admiring purposes”, but also to offer high functionality.

With 150% greater lighting width compared to a standard lamp, BenQ’s proposal harmoniously “embraces” each surface. But in addition to the truly stunning design, BenQ E-Reading Led Desk Lamp incorporates the latest technology, giving comfort, reliability, and impressively bright results.

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E-Reading Experience

Your e-reading experience will level up with this marvelous piece of tech, as the BenQ E-Reading Led Desk Lamp comes with a built-in sensor that can perceive the lighting of the space in which it is located, offering different lighting that is essentially more intense at the edges and darker in between. This effectively reduces reflections and extracts a natural effect on lighting.

High Quality

High-quality LEDs provide 1800 Lux, while energy consumption is 18 watts. The most important element that makes BenQ E-Reading Led Desk Lamp special has to do with its amazing durability, as it can remain functional for more than 50,000 hours without showing the slightest damage, which translates to 8 hours per day of continuous operation for 17 years!

At the same time, the user of BenQ E-Reading Led Desk Lamp can alternate on the fly the tone of the lighting. For example, warmer and softer colors are ideal for those who want to read, while colder tones are ideal for better concentration and work.

BenQ E-Reading Led Desk Lamp Review


Below you can find a list with some of the most frequently asked questions people ask about BenQ E-Reading Led Desk Lamp.

  1. How many lumens does this light produce?

    It generates 900 lm@5700K and 800 lm@2700K. The illuminance is 1800 lux at 15.7 inches height. The power consumption is 18W (max.).

  2. What’s the input voltage range?

    100 to 240 volts 50 to 60 Hz and 0.5 A max.

  3. What is the diameter of the base?

    The diameter of the base is 8.7 inches.

  4. What is the plug like? Just the plug or ac-dc adapter?

    It’s AC-DC Adapter.

  5. What is the size of the screw that secures the light to the base?

    M3*0.5, Length 6.5 Mm, Screw Head Diameter 5.1-5.5mm

  6. Is the LED bulb included?

    Yes. It’s An Array Of LED Lights, Both Yellow And White


In conclusion, the BenQ E-Reading Led Desk Lamp is one of our favorable computer lighting gadgets because of its high level of adaptability, as you can adjust it according to your needs and thus achieve the best possible result.

Beautiful, versatile, highly functional, and useful it is certain that BenQ E-Reading Led Desk Lamp will become an integral part of your office. One thing is certain: You will see your everyday life with another eye… Trust us!

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