Are you Looking for the best oxygen concentrators from china, because you don’t want to lose an arm and a leg but at the same time get a high-quality oxygen concentrator? If yes, this article is for you.

The current global pandemic has left many people needing oxygen concentrators because of the breathing symptoms. So, it is natural for people to buy oxygen concentrators, and China has some of the most affordable yet quality oxygen concentrators you can find online. 

We compiled a list of five of the best oxygen concentrators manufactured in China. They come at different price points, and they also have various features. If you carefully go through the list below, you will find the one that fits your budget and requirements.

Top 5 Best Oxygen Concentrators from China

DEDAKJ Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Dedakj Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine 1 7L Adjustable Oxygene Concentrator Low Noise Operation Home Care

The DEDAKJ portable oxygen concentrator has a compact form factor making it easy to carry around. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. The oxygen concentrator is adjustable, and it can be set between 1L – 7L of oxygen flow. It has an oxygen concentration level between 30% to 90%, and it uses the pressure swing adsorption method to generate oxygen. You can remove the water tank and wash it to be clean continuously.

A LED touch screen is used to control the oxygen concentrator, and it operates at a low noise even when pushed to the maximum oxygen flow. The compressor is of high quality, and it doesn’t require oil for maintenance. It dissipates heat quickly and powers the concentrator. The concentrator can be used for over 2500 hours nonstop, and two persons can inhale oxygen simultaneously.

This oxygen concentrator has a molecular sieve that produces high-quality pure oxygen and a valve that stabilizes the concentrator to work for long hours. It also comes with a remote used to control the oxygen concentrator from a distance.

In addition, the DEDAKJ portable oxygen concentrator has a negative oxygen ion that will improve your health condition. 

Key Features

4.9 Rating | 85 Reviews | 235 orders

AUPORO Oxygen Concentrator


The AUPORO oxygen concentrator is one of the best oxygen concentrators from china, with a starting price of $221.

It is portable and lightweight and can easily be moved from one place to another.

A display screen shows how fast the oxygen is moving, and there is also a flow meter. In addition, the oxygen concentrator works in silence which is excellent. 

It is compact, and it has all the needed outlets to take in air; the outlet has a filter. The oxygen concentrator has a remote that can be used to power on and control the speed of oxygen.

It has an oxygen concentration level of up to 92 percent and 1-6 L high flow. You also get three years warranty If you buy. It is one of the most affordable oxygen concentrators on this list, and it is suitable for use at home because it’s easy to move. 

Key Features

4.8 Rating | 73 Reviews | 188 orders


VARON Y 105 101W Oxygen Concentrator Home Care Oxygene Machine 1L 7L Portable Oxygen Concentrator HD.jpg Q90.jpg

The VARON Y105 Oxygen Concentrator system is a fantastic oxygen concentrator suitable for both indoor & outdoors due to its size and lightweight.

The oxygen flow can be adjusted between 1 – 7 L and 1- 6 L, respectively. It has a molecular sieve that filters the oxygen before you inhale. In addition, it has an oil-free copper cylinder compressor that consumes little energy and generates low noise inside the VARON Y105.

The noise level stays at 42 dB even when the oxygen concentration level is high.

The oxygen concentrator is easy to control with its colorful LED screen. There is also an intelligent timing feature that lets you set when it stops. VARON Y105 also has eight stages of air filtration, and the wet cups are also removable.

A tiny LED light also indicates when the filters are ready for cleaning

This oxygen concentrator has a 2 in 1 feature where two people can inhale oxygen simultaneously as well. It can be used comfortably both indoors and outdoors because of its size and weight.

To conclude the value you get from the VANROY Y105 is immense, and that’s why it is one of the best oxygen concentrators from china. 

Key Features

5.0 Rating | 7 Reviews | 150 orders

DEDAKJ Oxygen Concentrator

2021 DEDAKJ 2sw 2L 9L Oxygen Concentrator Portable Home Care Oxygen Machine 90 High Concentration

The DEDAKJ oxygen concentrator comes in for $360, which might feel expensive, but it has some fantastic features. It has an oxygen adjustment level between 2L – 9L and a 90% high concentration level.

The oxygen concentrator serves two people simultaneously, and it also works for long hours. It also has a negative oxygen ion function.

The DEDAKJ Oxygen Concentrator has a high-quality compressor that requires oil and up to three years of warranty.

It can be used while sleeping because it doesn’t make any noise. A water-resistant ceramic valve keeps the concentrator steady while working for long hours. It also has a molecular sieve that ensures the oxygen you inhale is pure. Some filters inside the concentration filter the oxygen that passes through the concentrator. 

Finally, it has a high-quality 4.5-inch LED touch screen used to control the concentrator. There is also a remote that you can use from up to twenty meters away from the concentrator.

The design is compact and easily moved around because of its weight and size. It also has a detachable and washable water tank. 

Key Features

5.0 Rating | 1 Review | 12 orders


YUWELL YU360 oxygen concentrator portable oxygen generator medical oxygen machine homecare English language EN LCD AC220V.jpg Q90.jpg

The YUWELL YU360 is a home healthcare oxygen concentrator with some outstanding features.

It has a touch High definition touch screen that controls oxygen flow and timer. The oxygen concentrator is used for oxygen care and nebulization treatment.

It also has a molecular sieve and a removable filter with cleaning reminder functions. You can easily remove the humidifier bottle built-in on the right side of the concentrator.

The Oxygen concentrator is easy to use; with just a push of a button, it starts working. It is also durable and works fine in areas with high temperatures. It works quietly without any noise, and it also has a remote to control the oxygen concentrator.

The machine powering the concentrator is made of composite materials that are reliable. There is no need to use oil to maintain the compressor, and it also has three years warranty. The YUWELL YU360 has a 1-year warranty. 

You will be getting the medical standard stable high oxygen concentration from the machine; when the flow is 1L per minute, the concentration level changes with time. In addition, the device is not bulky, and you can move it from one place to another. 

Key Features

5.0 Rating | 1 Review | 6 orders

How We Picked the Best Oxygen Concentrators from China

Putting out this list of best oxygen concentrators from China wasn’t easy because although there are (literally) hundreds of oxygen concentrators in various Chinese marketplaces – only a handful are worth your money.

There were a lot of oxygen concentrators, but we had to narrow down the list to just five. We went through the various useful and convenient features in real life before listing them above. 

We also went through user feedbacks online on some Chinese-based shopping platforms and via some very helpful videos on YouTube also helped us understand the product better. 

Rounding Up

If you go through the list above carefully, you will find the best concentrators from China that fit your budget and needs. All Five Oxygen concentrators above have almost the same features. Others may lack a feature or two but might be cheaper or have better reviews.

Whatever the case, we suggest you study the above models and pick the one that covers your needs.

These oxygen concentrators can be life-saving, so it’s best you carefully buy one that suits your health condition. We also spent a lot of time researching because we know the magnitude of what they can do.

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