Did you know that a vibrant and enjoyable living space can significantly improve your college experience?

Many students find themselves swept up in the whirlwind of assignments and exams, often forgetting the importance of relaxation and social connections.

We understand that you’re probably looking for ways to make your college years more memorable and fun.

Well, you’re in luck! Our shopping junkies have uncovered 15 fun things to bring to college that will transform your dorm room into the ultimate chill spot.

From the convenience of a mini-fridge for those late-night cravings to the fun of shot glasses for celebrating small victories, we’ve got you covered.

Fun Things to Bring to College

1. AstroAI Mini Fridge 2.0 Gen

portable 6l mini fridge

This sleek, dark black AstroAI Mini Fridge 2.0 Gen is a game-changer for anyone buried in studies or binge-watching sessions. Its ability to keep drinks cold and snacks warm, all while operating quietly, makes it an indispensable companion for keeping you refreshed and focused without interruptions.

2. JoyJolt 6-Pack Heavy Base Shot Glass Set

heavy base shot glasses

The JoyJolt 6-Pack Heavy Base Shot Glass Set is a versatile addition to any college student’s collection, blending durability with a sleek design.

These 2-ounce glasses are ideal for both celebratory shots and espresso, making them perfect for various occasions.

They’re break-resistant and dishwasher safe, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance.

3. Dremisland Smiley Wall Mirror

teen girls room mirror

The Dremisland Smiley Wall Mirror is designed to add a cheerful touch to dorms and rooms with its vibrant smiley face.

This 11.8-inch round, acrylic mirror is lightweight, impact-resistant, and comes with everything needed for easy installation.

Perfect for those seeking a playful addition to their decor, it encourages positivity and brightens any space.

4. Magnetic Poetry College Kit

creative word arrangement fun

Transform bland spaces into realms of wit and snark with the Magnetic Poetry College Kit! It’s your ticket to literary coolness, offering a creative outlet that’s both fun and expressive.

This kit features over 200 magnetic word tiles for creative expression on metal surfaces. It’s suitable for enhancing dorm rooms or lockers, made in the USA, and ensures safety with non-toxic materials.

5. Grevosea Mini Positive Potato Crochet Doll

potato crochet doll design

The Grevosea Mini Positive Potato Crochet Doll is crafted from high-quality woolen yarn. It serves as a unique companion for those navigating college life or seeking a sprinkle of cheer in their daily routine.

This lightweight, hand-knitted potato comes with a wooden base for stability, making it a perfect, uplifting desk ornament. Ideal for students and anyone needing a boost of positivity.

6. Drinking Helmet with Straw for Beer & Soda

drinking helmet with straw

The Novelty Place Drinking Helmet with Straw for Beer & Soda is designed for those who want to enjoy a beverage without interrupting their activities.

It features snap-in drink holders and a hands-free sipping mechanism, offering a novel way to stay hydrated.

The vibrant blue color adds a fun touch, making it perfect for party-goers and sports enthusiasts.

7. Xhope Balance Lamp with Touch Dimmer

modern touch dimmable lamp

The Xhope Balance Lamp, a Reddot Award winner, offers a stylish and functional lighting solution perfect for college students and young professionals.

It features an art deco design, six levels of dimming, and is cordless and rechargeable for easy placement.

Its compact size may surprise some users.

Ideal for those valuing design and versatility.

8. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

instant camera in pink

This Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera in Blush Pink offers snap-happy students a stylish, easy-to-carry gadget for capturing memories effortlessly. It features automatic exposure for quality shots in various lighting and a one-touch selfie mode.

Customizable shutter buttons add a personal touch, enhancing the experience of preserving college moments.

9. Big Joe Fuf Large Bean Bag Chair with Removable Cover

comfortable oversized bean bag

The Big Joe Fuf Large Bean Bag Chair features a removable cover and is filled with patented shredded foam that resists flattening.

It’s designed for versatility, suitable for sitting, lounging, or napping.

The removable cover facilitates easy cleaning. However, periodic fluffing is needed to keep it comfortable.

Ideal for students seeking multifunctional seating.

10. Drinking Roulette Shot Glass Game Set

fun game for parties

Transform your study area into the ultimate party scene with the Fairly Odd Novelties Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game Set.

This set is perfect for adults seeking a thrilling addition to their gatherings. Featuring 16 shot glasses and two metal balls, it offers a lively twist on traditional roulette, ensuring a night filled with laughter and camaraderie.

Ideal for enhancing social interactions at parties or game nights.

11. Yankee Candle Studio Cliffside Sunrise Medium Candle (10 oz Soy Wax Blend)

cliffside sunrise soy candle

College dorms often have a unique smell that can be uninviting. The Yankee Candle Studio Cliffside Sunrise, a 10 oz soy wax blend candle, offers a solution with its vanilla-scented aroma that promises to last for 40-65 hours.

Its elegant light pink glass jar also serves as a decorative piece, potentially enhancing the ambiance of any room.

Ideal for students seeking to create a more pleasant living environment.

12. UV Glow Blacklight Neon Face and Body Paint (6-Pack)

neon body paint set

UV Glow Blacklight Neon Face and Body Paint is essential for enhancing the ambiance of college nightlife and various events. It offers a unique way to shine under UV light. This 6-pack provides a range of neon colors, ideal for creating standout body art.

Though the paint may appear watery and the bottles small, efficient use ensures a memorable, luminous effect for any party, festival, or gathering. This makes it a popular choice for those eager to illuminate their presence.

13. Premium Glow Stick Bracelets Party (100 Pack)

glow stick bracelet party

Elevate your party experience with the Flashing Blinky Lights 100 Pack Premium Glow Stick Bracelets Party Pack, a must-have for any celebration.

These premium glow sticks offer 8-12 hours of neon brightness, transforming any event with vibrant colors.

Equipped with a variety of connectors, they provide endless possibilities for creative expression, enhancing the ambiance of college nights or any festive occasion. Ideal for party enthusiasts looking for a fun, unique way to light up the night.

14. Kikkerland Playing Cards

unique and whimsical design

For cat enthusiasts and card game aficionados, the Kikkerland Playing Cards are a delightful addition to any collection.

Featuring a unique cat lenticular design, each of the 52 cards showcases a different feline, with two dog jokers included for a touch of humor.

The sleek window box packaging makes it a great gift or dorm decor item.

15. Iscream Donut Shaped Microbead Pillow

deliciously soft and squishy

The Iscream Donut Shaped Microbead Pillow transforms any sleeping area into a playful and comfortable oasis. Its 16-inch diameter, adorned with a vibrant frosting and sprinkle design, offers a unique and fun accent.

Ideal for teens and young adults, this pillow promises a cozy and visually appealing addition to dorms and bedrooms alike.

7 Things to Consider When Choosing Fun Things to Bring to College

Let’s face it, our dorm rooms won’t magically expand, so we’ve got to be choosy about the fun knick-knacks we cram into that tiny space.

We’re talking the essentials: stuff that squishes, stuff that makes us seem cooler than we are, and stuff that actually helps us study (weird, right?).

From a pillow that doubles as a donut to gadgets that make group study less of a snooze fest, we’re here to ensure our rooms are less ‘prison cell chic’ and more ‘personal palace of fun’.

1. Space Utilization

When choosing fun items to bring to college, it’s crucial to remember that your dorm room isn’t a Tardis—space doesn’t magically expand on the inside. Let’s face it, we’re working with less square footage than a postage stamp here.

So, before you pack that inflatable palm tree or life-size cutout of your favorite celebrity, think about the essentials. We’re talking under-bed storage savants and hanging organizers that can hold more than a magician’s hat.

Opt for furniture that does double duty, like a bed that moonlights as a storage unit.

And remember, your walls are prime real estate—shelves and hooks are your new best friends. Let’s keep the clutter at bay and make room for fun, not just stuff.

2. Personal Comfort Items

Diving into the world of personal comfort items, we’re on a mission to transform that spartan dorm room into a cozy retreat that screams ‘home.’

Now, a dorm room without a plush blanket and a mountain of pillows is like a coffee shop without Wi-Fi—practically useless.

Bringing a slice of home, whether it’s that quirky lamp that’s seen more late nights than the moon or your grandma’s knitted throw, adds that much-needed warmth and fuzziness.

And who said functionality can’t cuddle? A mini-fridge isn’t just a food hoarder; it’s a midnight snack companion. Remember, in the quest for coziness, compact is king, and multipurpose is queen.

3. Social Activities Gear

After decking out our dorms with the coziest of comforts, it’s time to gear up for the social marathon of college life. Let’s face it, we’re not just here to hit the books; we’re here to create memories that’ll have us belly laughing at reunions decades down the line.

So, what’s our arsenal for social success? Think compact and transportable – playing cards that don’t just play it straight, glow stick bracelets that scream ‘impromptu rave,’ and fun-themed decks for that niche game night. We’re on the hunt for gear that’s not just versatile but practically begs us to mingle.

Items that not only survive the social whirlwind but thrive in it, ensuring we’re not just attendees but legends in the making.

4. Study Aid Tools

Shifting gears from social butterfly accessories to academic gladiators’ gear, we’re on the lookout for study aids that won’t just boost our grades but will actually make hitting the books a blast.

Imagine unleashing your inner Einstein on a portable whiteboard, turning complex theories into doodles. Or slipping on noise-canceling headphones, because let’s face it, silence is golden but rare in dorms.

We’re all about that comfy life, so ergonomic chairs and cushions? Yes, please! Our brains are thirsty for knowledge, and digital tools are the hydration station—apps and online resources at our fingertips.

And for those midnight cramming sessions, an adjustable lamp is our trusty sidekick, because who studies in broad daylight?

Welcome to the study party, folks!

5. Room Decor Ideas

Let’s jazz up those drab dorm walls with room decor that screams ‘you’ louder than a midnight fire alarm drill. We’re talking about turning that shoebox of a room into a cozy den of personality.

Opt for wall mirrors that not only make your space look bigger but also double as a selfie station. Tapestries? They’re not just for covering unsightly stains; they’re canvases of self-expression. And don’t even get us started on string lights and throw pillows – they’re like the fairy godmothers of dorm room enchantment.

Throw in some clever storage solutions to hide your mess (because let’s be real, it’s there), and you’ve got a room that’s as functional as it’s fun. Remember, your decor shouldn’t only look good but also work hard, just like you.

6. Portable Entertainment

When it comes to surviving the college wilderness, packing a Swiss Army knife of portable entertainment is your best bet for keeping boredom at bay. We’re talking gadgets that won’t cramp your style or your backpack.

Imagine whipping out a portable gaming console during those endless lecture breaks, or a mini projector turning your dorm room into a cinema. And let’s not forget a Bluetooth speaker for impromptu dance-offs. We’re aiming for devices that don’t just die after a two-hour Netflix binge; we need the marathon runners of battery life.

Versatility is key—something that helps you study, chill, and socialize. And, of course, these gadgets need to take a beating because, let’s face it, college life is no pillow fight.

7. Budget Considerations

Before diving into campus entertainment, it’s wise to check the depth of our pockets first. Let’s face it, not all of us are swimming in gold like Scrooge McDuck.

Setting a budget for our fun-fund is crucial, unless we fancy dining on instant noodles for the foreseeable future.

Weighing the cost of those one-time splurges against the bleed of ongoing expenses is our next Sherlock-level investigation.

Hunting down student discounts becomes our new sport; who knew saving money could feel like winning a medal? And let’s not forget, planning ahead isn’t just for the boring stuff.

Bottom Line

Alright, folks, let’s wrap this up with some wisdom: hauling these fun goodies to college is like packing a party in your suitcase.

A mini fridge for midnight snacks? Check. Shot glasses for toasting to adulting? Oh, yes. And a smiley mirror to remind you you’re doing great, even when your laundry pile begs to differ.

Remember, the right mix of quirky, glowy, and cozy can turn your dorm into a legend. Choose wisely, and let the college tales begin!

By integrating these items into your college life, you’ll not only enhance your living space but also create an environment where you and your friends can relax and make lasting memories.


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