If you want to make your computer experience better, a great and simple upgrade you can do is to buy a new keyboard and mouse.

These are your main tools when using the system, so their role is very important in everything you do, from simple web browsing to gaming and design.

But with so many options, how to choose a keyboard and mouse that is best for you?

Everyone does different things on the computer and has different habits. This keyboard and mouse buyers guide will help you understand the different options and features available and help you make the choice that best suits you!

How To Choose A Keyboard And Mouse

There are a few things to consider when choosing a keyboard and mouse for your computer. The most important factor is probably comfort. If you’re going to be using your keyboard and mouse for long periods of time, you’ll want something that’s comfortable to use.

Another important factor is compatibility. Make sure that the keyboard and mouse you choose are compatible with your operating system and your computer’s hardware.

Finally, take a look at the features offered by different keyboards and mice. Some come with special keys or buttons that can make using your computer easier and more efficient. Choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Having said that, let’s dive right in on how to choose a keyboard and Mouse.

Keyboards: Wired vs Wireless

gaming keyboard


The most common type of peripherals. Because of the direct connection to the computer, you don’t have to worry about any input lag, which makes them perfect for something like gaming.

They also don’t need batteries, so there’s no chance of the keyboard/mouse stopping working at a critical moment.

The downside is that they are limited in the distance they can be from the computer box.

Apart from that, the quality of the connection depends on the condition of the cable, which can become damaged over time.


The second way of connection. As the name suggests, they connect wirelessly to the computer, through a Bluetooth connection.

It’s more convenient than the wired connection and is easier to transfer, but it has some disadvantages.

First, the need to charge the wireless peripherals and the possibility of interference to their signal if there are many wireless devices in the room.

On the plus side, they are more convenient to use, since most have a range of up to 3.5 meters, so you can place them wherever you are comfortable. Especially if you have a large desk with more than 2 monitors, this can be very useful and convenient.

Gaming keyboard or not?

You may think that a gaming keyboard/mouse is exclusively for gaming, but that’s very wrong. It is true that such peripherals come with many extra features that suit this use, but the truth is that the features present in gaming keyboards and mice are widely used.

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Gaming keyboard features

Macro commands

Many gaming keyboards and mice have the ability to program macro commands. That is, you can (usually via the manufacturer’s software) program the pressing of specific buttons in the order you want by pressing a button.

This can be used to perform a combo or activate abilities in games. But it can also solve your hands when working in some non-gaming applications, such as video/photo editing.

Definitely something very useful if you need to do some actions via keyboard shortcuts.

Mechanical Switches

There are gaming keyboards that also use membrane, but when we refer to gaming keyboards, we usually mean those with mechanical keys.

These use mechanical switches under each key, like typographers. This avoids mistakes in keystroke logging, but the buttons are more sensitive to pressure and more responsive.

There are 3 categories of switches: linear, tactile and clicky.

Linear switches have the same feel, throughout the entire process of pressing the key, while tactile and clicky are what we think of when we think of gaming keyboards.

Of this category, the switches that are used the most are the Cherry MX. These come in various colors (i.e. Cherry Green, Cherry Red, Cherry Brown, etc.), whose main difference is the amount of force needed to record a button press.

31P0gTpBhdS. AC SL1000
– Cherry MX RGB Genuine German Cherry Switch (10PCS, Cherry MX Silent Gray Switch)

The choice here is purely a matter of preference when using the keyboard, as there are differences that are noticeable, especially if you play competitive games or type a lot.

Swappable keys

Many gaming keyboards give you the option to partially or completely replace the buttons with other, often more durable ones.

You may lose the ability to enjoy LED lights in all their glory, but you can gain a lot in comfort and durability in use. This can be very useful if you use the keyboard a lot for writing at work.

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Anti-ghosting and Rollover

Rollover is the simultaneous pressing of multiple keys on the keyboard. The main purpose of the feature is to allow the user to perform combos in games (such as fighting).

There are many variations, such as 6 Key Rollover, which captures up to 6 keys simultaneously, or No Key Rollover, which captures every key, no matter how many are pressed at once.

But apart from games, this can also help people who type very fast on the keyboard, since it avoids key skips if keys are pressed too sequentially one after the other.

But what happens if you press more keys than the keyboard can process at once?

That’s where anti-ghosting technology comes in handy. This technology blocks extra buttons, above the limit that’s allowed. This helps avoid potential errors, such as a key appearing to be mistakenly pressed because the rollover limit was exceeded.

Non-gaming keyboards

In addition to gaming keyboards, there are also standard keyboards. You can find many different versions of standard, non-gaming keyboards.

For example, you can find the numpad (mainly for accounting use), a keyboard without numpad (for easier transportation) or a half keyboard (yes, it’s true).

Although such variants can be found on gaming keyboards as well, it might be worth a look at them if you’re interested in a more “working” relationship with your keyboard, since the price can be many times lower than for a gaming variant of the same keyboard.

Mouse: Laser Vs Optical

Moving on to mice and the technology they use for tracking. Each has its merits, depending on the use and the place it is to be used (we will see this below). Let’s go over each one individually.

51KCV2cdDsS. AC SL1500
Uiosmuph G12 Slim Rechargeable Wireless Silent Mouse

Optical mouse

To be honest, all mice are optical at heart. In essence, they are little cameras. They use small cameras to take thousands of pictures per second and see how much the mouse moves, relative to the hardware underneath.

Along with the low-resolution camera (CMOS sensor), it has 2 lenses and a light source to help the computer understand how much the mouse has moved from one moment to the next.

Mice called optical on the market use an infrared or LED light beam, on a lens at an angle. This light hits the ground beneath the mouse and back to the sensor, helping it to map the surface.

This means you need a solid surface under your mouse, and also explains why such mice don’t work on glass, since the sensor can’t “see” the transparent surface.

Laser mouse

Here we move on to the evolution of the optical mouse, the laser mouse.

Laser mice are more accurate in tracking the movement of the mouse. Sometimes, however, this can be a disadvantage, since unlike LED light that cannot penetrate the surfaces on which it is placed, laser light can.

This often results in the laser reading surface imperfections and making abrupt movements (jitter), which you clearly don’t want. Especially if you’re enjoying a game or doing design or photo editing, this can be anything from annoying to very time consuming.

Then why get a laser mouse?

The biggest advantage of a laser mouse is that it can work on any surface. Wherever you place it, it can at least work satisfactorily, which is ideal if you need it for a laptop and you move around a lot. But if you use a good mousepad to avoid jitter, you can also use it for regular use.

Gaming mouse – is it worth it?

As with gaming keyboards, a gaming mouse has a lot of extra things in its design, with the main focus on the best gaming experience.

That doesn’t mean, however, that they aren’t worthy of other uses. For example, many gaming mice have extra buttons on the side, which can be programmed to do everything from opening specific applications, to entire macro commands.

Some give you the ability to adjust the mouse’s weight, by using tiny weights so you can even have control there according to the weight that suits you.

For this reason, don’t think of gaming mice as being intended solely for this use. It’s worth taking a look at the features, because you might find exactly what works for you even if you don’t intend to do any gaming.

How do you choose the right keyboard/mouse for you?

Knowing what some of the main features mean for each, it’s time to answer a few questions for yourself. Each feature is suitable for different circumstances (e.g. competitive gaming or frequent travel).

What will be your main use?

This is where you need to think about what your main use for your keyboard and/or mouse will be.

If you plan to use the keyboard and/or mouse on your laptop and you’ll be moving around a lot, it might be worth looking for something small and wireless for easy portability.

If it’s for business use, you might need something with extra features and an ergonomic design, for comfortable use for hours on end.

What are the features that suit you best?

If you want to avoid the limitation of cables and also want to operate your computer remotely, then connecting your peripherals via Bluetooth is a must.

Perhaps you want them to be more comfortable and convenient to use, so something that is ergonomically designed is important to make the purchase worthwhile.

You can even combine a wired keyboard with a wireless mouse or vice versa if that works for you. There are no right or wrong answers here.

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Make the purchase only according to your own criteria

It’s very easy to be influenced by the opinion of friends or acquaintances about what a keyboard or mouse you buy should have. B

ut the truth is one thing: the only criteria that matter are your own. If you want eye-catching RGB lighting that matches the rest of your setup, fine.

If it matters that they’re small in size because you use a laptop and move around a lot, great. If you want top-notch comfort and performance to enjoy your favorite games, flawless. Set your own criteria and choose the peripherals that meet your needs.

Final Take

Keyboards and mice are important tools for your computer, but with so many different types available on the market it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. In this article we’ve outlined the various features of each type of keyboard and mouse and explained how to choose a keyboard and mouse for your PC.

We’ve also given some general tips on how to choose the best keyboard and mouse for your needs.

Also remember that when it comes to choosing a keyboard and mouse, the most important thing is to find one that’s comfortable for you to use. The last thing you want is to end up with a device that causes you pain or discomfort after extended use.

It’s also important to make sure that the keyboard and mouse you choose are compatible with your computer. Some keyboards and mice require special drivers or software in order to work properly, so be sure to check that before making your purchase.

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