Welcome to our Secura Electric Wine Bottle Opener Review. In this review, you will learn everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision if this product is right for you.

How many times did you bring a bottle of wine to the table and spent at least ten minutes searching for the bottle opener? How many times did the cork break while you were opening the bottle? Have you ever thought that a wine bottle opener could add style to your table?

Technology nowadays has come to meet our needs even in the field of wine bottle openers. Whether it is for a party or for the bottle of wine you bring to the table on Sunday’s launches with your family, an electric wine bottle opener can always come in handy.

They are easy to use, quick, they don’t leave half the crock inside the bottle, and you wouldn’t lose such a device through the mess of your kitchen drawers.

Wondering what electric wine bottle opener to buy? Search no more. The Secure Electric Wine Bottle Opener looks cool, it’s easy to use, it works perfectly and it comes at an affordable price. We’ve reviewed this product and found it excellent.

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In this article we are going to discuss the Secure Electric Wine Bottle Opener’s main features and why we’ve found them awesome.

Secura Electric Wine Bottle Opener Review (Video)

This Secura Electric Wine bottle opener review video was filmed recently and send over to us for inclusion in our review article.

Product Specifications

  • Product dimensions: 12’’ x 2.7’’ x 7.5’’
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Warranty: 12 months



The Secura Electric Wine Bottle Opener is a compact device with an elegant design. It looks perfect on the counter whether or not it is charging. Whatever it is the style of your kitchen, the black base, and the steel body would fit perfectly in the environment. While the device is charging, it looks even better since a blue light illuminates it.

The wine bottle opener also comes with several accessories, each one of them designed with the same attention to detail and the same elegance.


The body and structure of the main piece of the device are made from stainless steel which ensures sturdiness and durability. The transparent corkscrew adds a touch of elegance to the stylish design. It also enhances the blue illumination effect when the Secura Wine Bottle Opener is charging.


When purchasing the Secura Electric Wine Bottle you are actually purchasing a set of tools. The electric bottle opener with foil cutter is the main piece, but you also get the Secura Wine Saver, a tool that allows you to preserve the wine in the bottle after the cork has been removed.


The Secura Wine Bottle Opener features a built-in rechargeable battery. You can open 30 bottles of wine with a single charge. The device illuminates blue while charging, which makes it even more elegant and unique. The Secura Wine Bottle Opener will look great on your kitchen counter, but it will stand out while charging.


The device is compatible with most wine bottle sizes. Plus, the charger features a 100-240 wide input voltage range which is the most most common voltage range around the world.

Cleaning Operations

Since it is an electric device you can’t immerse the Secura Wine Bottle Opener in water. You actually won’t need to. Since it never comes in touch with wine, wiping it clean with a damp cloth or sponge and then wiping it dry would be enough to ensure the device’s hygiene.


The Secura Wine Bottle Opener comes at a great affordable price. It’s actually one of the cheapest on the market. When compared to other expensive electric bottle openers, it lacks some advanced features or accessories, but the quality of the main device – which is the bottle opener itself – is excellent. The Secura Wine Bottle Opener is a great value for money!

How to Use

Both the Secura  Bottle Opener and Wine Saver are extremely easy to use. So once you’ve removed the foil with the included foil cutter, all you need to do to open your wine bottle is placing the Secura Wine Bottle Opener on the cork and press a button.

You’ll need to apply a bit of pressure to make sure the screw enters the cork and don’t spin around in vain, and the device will remove the cork in a matter of seconds. The device would stop automatically when the cork is removed from the bottle.

To remove the cork from the opener, you can simply press down the switch and the device will spin counterclockwise and release it.

Video Showing How to use the Secura Electric Wine Opener

If you didn’t consume the entire bottle of wine during your meal, you can use the Secura Wine Saver, which is basically a vacuum pump, to apply an airtight cap that will preserve the wine for days (two wine stoppers are included).

What Other People Say about Secura Electric Wine Bottle Opener

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Frequently Asked Questions

Secura Electric Wine Opener has a rechargeable battery.

Yes, it does. It penetrates with ease even synthetic corks.

Yes, you have to.

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Secura Electric Wine Bottle Opener Review – Conclusion

With its elegant design quality material and construction and ease-of-use, the Secura Wine Bottle Opener is one of the best electric wine bottle openers in the market. It doesn’t feature much additional accessories (even though a version with a wine aerator decanter is also available), but with its simplicity it does its job efficiently and quickly.

The perfect gift

The Secura Electric Wine Bottle Opener is such an original and unique tool that it could be perfect as a gift for any occasion. This is exactly the type of present no one is expecting – if you want to surprise a person without spending a fortune, the Secure Electric Wine Bottle Opener would be a perfect choice.

We couldn’t find any cons while reviewing this device: it’s just perfect for its price. Whether it is for your own kitchen or for a unique gift, the Secura Wine Bottle Opener is certainly worth buying.

We hope you’ve found useful our secure electric wine opener review. If you did, consider sharing this review with your friends, family.

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