I remember the days when I thought great things always cost a fortune. Finding quality items on a budget was a struggle. But no more! I’ve found some amazing things that cost less than $25 that I am sure will amaze you.

A pillowcase that helps you sleep and also is good for your skin and hair. A tiny fan that cools you, charges your phone, and provides light. All under $25!

So, start scrolling.. Let me know in the comments below what you think about them..

Things to buy for $25 or less

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1. Handheld Mini Fan with Power Bank & Flashlight

handheld mini fan with power bank and flashlight

Always on the move? Meet your new pocket-sized pal, the JISULIFE Handheld Mini Fan. This nifty gadget isn’t just a fan, it’s also a flashlight and a power bank! With up to 19 hours of breezy bliss on one charge, it’s your ultimate travel buddy.

It’s small but mighty, and transforms in 3 cool ways for easy storage. Limited in pink but unlimited in function!

2. 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

luxurious silk queen pillowcase

Looking for a touch of luxe without the hefty price tag? Meet ZIMASILK’s 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, the queen of pillowcases in a chic taupe color.

It’s hypoallergenic, keeps its cool all night, and even helps reduce wrinkles and hair tangles. Plus, it’s more durable than a cockroach in a nuclear fallout. Fancy, right?

3. Glass Teapot with Infuser (1200ml)

glass teapot with infuser

Pour your heart out with the Feify Glass Teapot! This little 40oz wonder, handcrafted from heat-resistant glass, is perfect for any stove top or even a microwave.

With its non-dripping spout and wide handle, it’s a breeze to use.

And guess what? It’s dishwasher-safe too! Perfect for making your favorite brew just the way you like it. This teapot is a tea lover’s dream, and you’ll soon be thinking, “How did I ever get by without it?”

4. Silicone Ice Ball Molds for Whiskey (4 Pack)

whiskey ice ball molds

Whiskey buffs, meet your new best friend: the Silicone Ice Ball Molds Set. These nifty molds whip up large, slow-melting 2.5″ ice spheres, keeping your tipple tasty and not watery.

And with their easy-peasy, spill-free design and dishwasher safe creds, you’ll be sipping in style in no time. Cheers to that!

5. Non-Slip Rubber Bar Mat

durable non slip rubber mat

Looking to spruce up your home bar on a budget? At under $25, the Cheers Non-Slip Rubber Bar Mat is your answer! Its durable, non-slip base ensures your drinks stay put, while the 18×12 size makes it fit for any countertop. Plus, cleaning up is a breeze.

With over 600 rave reviews, this mat’s not just a pretty face – it’s a countertop’s best friend!

6. Outdoor String Lights Globe LED (25 Feet)

decorative globe string lights

Spruce up your backyard bash or balcony bonanza with Brightown’s Outdoor String Lights!

These 25-foot long, dimmable LEDs are as versatile as a Swiss Army knife and as durable as your grandma’s cast iron skillet.

With the ability to link up to 60 strands, you’ll be throwing the best-lit parties on the block. Remember, every lightbulb is a little party waiting to happen!

7. 4-Pack Bamboo Fiber Dinner Plates

eco friendly dinner plates set

Looking for your next “green” kitchen update? Say hello to the Nook Theory Bamboo Fiber Dinner Plates. These USA-made beauties are as eco-friendly as they are chic.

Crafted from all the “free-from” bamboo fiber, they’re a cinch to clean and tough as nails. Perfect for any occasion, they’ll add a pop of Arizona color and trendiness to your meal times.

Just remember, they’re not fans of microwaves. Stay green, my friends!

8. Striped Crew Socks for Men (4 Pairs)

men s four pack striped socks

Why stick to the mundane when you can jazz up your feet with these swanky retro striped crew socks? Perfect for size 10-13 men, this four-pack of socks boasts comfort, style, and a dash of old-school charm.

Crafted from top-notch cotton, they promise a snuggly fit without feeling like a bear hug. Sure, they’re a bit thin and short, but hey, who said style comes without a little adventure? Perfect for those who aren’t afraid to strut their stripe!

9. High Waisted Pleated Tennis Skirt

stylish pleated tennis skirt

Here’s a fashion tip: SCKTOO’s High Waisted Pleated Tennis Skirt is your new court-side bestie! With built-in shorts, it’s comfy and nimble, ready for a match or a brunch. It’s high-waisted, pleated, and zips up the side – trendy much?

But watch out, it runs a tad small and isn’t the most durable. So, size up and play nice!

10. Elongated Narrow Cat Eye Sunglasses

retro cat eye sunglasses trend

Squint no more, fashionistas! These Elongated Narrow Cat Eye Sunglasses are your ticket to ’90s nostalgia, all while shielding those peepers from the sun. Perfectly shaped for slender faces, they won’t slip or snag your hair.

And guess what? They’re as sturdy as they are stylish, and come with their own little care kit. All this for less than a fancy pizza. Not bad, huh?

11. Soft Baseball Cap

sporty embroidered baseball caps

Get your game face on with this stylish, 100% cotton baseball cap. Flaunting a spiffy tennis embroidery, it’s the perfect pick for both guys and gals. Pick from over 20 colors to match your vibe.

Made in sunny Tampa, Florida, it comes with a cool anti-sweat band and a sturdy metal buckle. And guess what? It ships faster than a tennis serve! So why wait? Bag this versatile cap for under $25 and be the talk of the town.

12. Retro Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

stylish aviator sunglasses design

Hey there, style maven! Looking for a blend of retro charm and modern flair? Check out the SOJOS Retro Polarized Aviator Sunglasses.

They’re not only durable but also comfy for all-day wear. Plus, they come with a cute fabric pouch and lens cloth. And all this under $25?

Now that’s a steal! Just remember, they might play hard-to-get with some noses and phone screens. But hey, good style never came easy!

13. Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

insulated stainless steel bottle

Meet your new hydration bestie – the Owala FreeSip Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Its Shy Marshmallow color is as cool as the drinks it holds for up to 24 hours!

With a nifty FreeSip spout and secure, spill-proof lid, this bottle has your active lifestyle covered. Plus, it’s a breeze to clean in the dishwasher. Once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

14. Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector

headphones for apple devices

Looking for a budget-friendly jam partner? Say hello to Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector. They’re comfy, lightweight, and snug as a bug in your ear. With crystal clear sound, and a handy built-in remote, they’ll make your fave tunes sound even better.

But beware, Apple device with a Lightning connector is their only dance partner!

15. TOZO T10 Wireless Earbuds

wireless bluetooth earbuds with charging case

The TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.3 Wireless Earbuds are a treat for your ears and wallet! They’re like a mini concert right in your ears, all thanks to their snazzy ORIGX Acoustic Technology.

They’ve also got a 10-hour battery life, water resistance for those sweaty workouts, and a wireless charging case for extra juice. You’ll be grooving non-stop with these bad boys!

Bottom Line

So there you have it folks.. Aren’t these stuff amazing? Whether you are looking for a gift or something to treat yourself, remember, you don’t need an arm and a leg to buy something nice..

Let me know in the comments below which item from above is your favorite and what would you like to see more in this list (e.g. Electronics, Apparel, accessories..)

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