1. Verizon Wireless: $359 down price.
  • Verizon is having a January 2021 promotion where you can get the new iPhone 12 for $359 instead of $799. When upgrading from an eligible model, you can save up to $440 on the new device. To get this great discount, you must also sign up to some of Verizon’s subscriptions. 
  1. Metro by T- Mobile: $529 down price
  • Metro by T-Mobile is doing a $200 discount on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. To benefit from this great deal, you must switch your wireless service to the Metro budget option. Metro, regardless of its reasonable prices, is very reliable and has a 5G network nationwide.
  1. Xfinity Mobile: Up to $250 savings.
  • Xfinity has a $250 saving on all its models. The carrier has extended its promotions to the full iPhone 12 line up. This January of 2021 while transferring a number to the carrier, you can get the $250 discount. In case, you are already a member, a $250 prepaid card will be awarded when upgrading to a new Apple model. The promotion will cover all iPhone 12 models. 

What is the best deal?

The three deals above are fantastic and any should be a great pick. But, if we are taking into account the carriers, then we should focus on some specific criteria. Verizon is overall the best, not only because they have amazing deals, but they have a good internet speed for the price and great coverage across the U.S.

That means that you will be paying for good service, and even if you move, your speed will barely suffer as they are widely available. Metro by T-Mobile follows Verizon’s steps with their great service. Their prices are closely behind, and as an international carrier, they are sure to sport interesting subscription plans and decent reliability.  

Lastly, Xfinity offers the best price for speed. They were the winner of the 2020 fastest carrier, and their deals are phenomenal. If you are within their coverage area, make sure to give them a look. Whichever you choose, you will most likely benefit best from unlocking your phone after purchase.

The options are unlimited once you own an unlocked device.  

How to unlock your carrier-locked iPhone 12? 

Buying a carrier locked phone is smart and economical. Major carriers offer the best discounts and payment plans. That is why purchasing via Verizon, Xfinity, or any other might be the best choice. But, that means you’re stuck with a carrier-locked phone.

So what to do next? Unlocking your phone is the only way to benefit from the amazing perks of owning an open network device. The best way to unlock your iPhone 12 is to use an IMEI unlocker service. In fact, you can contact your carrier to request an unlock if you have already paid off your phone or use a third-party service like iPhoneIMEI

Both carriers and websites have to follow the same process. They will whitelist your IMEI in the manufacturer’s server, hence making your device free to sign up for any wireless network service. 

What is IMEI and how to find it?

The International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI is a number, usually unique, used to identify mobile phones such as iPhones. There are many uses for this special number. The most common is to identify your phone, and for your carrier to assign your device a specific marker, This is also the way they lock you into their network. 

The number can be found in a variety of ways. First, you can use the settings on your device. And find out the IMEI in the About section. Another way is using the dial-pad. Type *#06# and the IMEI should prompt to the screen.

Best way to unlock your iPhone 12 series device. 

  • Using your carriers, although not recommended because it’s usually more expensive, it is possible
  • Use an IMEI unlocking website.

The Bottom Line

iPhone 12s are highly desirable luxury goods with awesome tech to top it off. However, they can fetch hefty prices, and we could all use a discount or two. Verizon, Metro by T-Mobile, and Xfinity come this 2021 with the most appealing deals.

Choosing a carrier-locked phone comes with many perks, including enjoying payment plans, discounts, and overall paying less for an amazing device. Of course, there are many cons, such as being stuck to that carrier or having to endure long contracts.

Good for all of us, we can always unlock our device and make the best of both options. Use an IMEI unlocker to get yourself some network freedom. Many websites offer this service at a better price than your carrier. Do proper research before placing your orders.

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