In the sense of Web Hosting, we usually refer to hosting a website on a hosting service provider server, on the internet. Our hosting providers offer fast connections and enough network bandwith to serve our page normally and seamlessly online, for a fee (rent). The most common type of web hosting is Shared (common) hosting. Professionals will also probably be aware of Dedicated hosting. For years we have been circulating VPS/Virtual Servers hosting packages, while lately we also have the “trenty” Cloud hosting. When we don’t know exactly what type of hosting we rent, we assume it’s shared. In Priza we work mainly with shared hosting, while also offering VPS hosting packages.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting, means that our page (and emails if we have one) will be hosted on some provider’s server, along with other pages. All resources of this server are shared between the pages it hosts. There may be dozens or even hundreds more of the hosted websites on a single server, depending on the resources available. The space we also occupy on the server is specific and depending on the hosting package we have. And while we can upgrade it, usually shared hosting can’t exceed a few dozen GB per page.

Shared hosting is quite a sure solution for websites with small requirements and relatively low-moderate traffic. Practical solution and for those who do not know the technical at all and just want a hosting for their page. In Shared Hosting we are concerned because the server is supported by the provider that has sole responsibility for the proper functioning of the services running: web/mail/ftp/dns/etc.

On the contrary, a website that wants enough resources in memory, cpu or network (visits) would probably have regular problems in a shared environment with shared resources. Providers usually monitor what happens to their hosting and update when a page “escapes” from the logically-permitted limits, informing them of package upgrades or transfer to another type of hosting.

In the “negatives” of shared hosting, it’s security. Many users on servers, websites and email, combined with many different codes means greater scope for malicious third parties. In Priza although we have tightened the safety of our machines as much as possible so as not to affect the full functionality of the services, we cannot guarantee it 100%. Like no other provider of course.

VPS Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting, we mean a hosting package with which we rent some vps (virtual machine) to host our page or whatever we want on the internet. Specifically, VPS we call virtual servers, which are hosted on a physical server (host machine) through some Virtualization technology, such as VVM, XEN, OpenVZ, etc.

A VPS is an independent server, since we have root rights to do whatever we want on it. VPS resources are not shared with other pages, and the space offered in vps hosting packages can be several times ten times(!) of the corresponding shared hosting package.

Also, a vps package is usually much cheaper than a shared one. This is because it does not include ready-made services such as shared hosting, nor default service support from the provider. The installation and support of VPS comes separately and concerns the functions of vps, its operating system and any problems with the web services we run.

If we don’t have technical knowledge, we’re sure to need some package or ad hoc support. VPS Hosting is recommended on websites with high requirements that do not want to share resources. Or they want better security than the one shared.

And while it’s in the best interest of hosting any of the respective shared, we should always take maintenance into account. In case we are no longer covered by vps package resources, we can always upgrade to a larger package. You can buy Windows VPS or Linux VPS from your hosting provider.

💡 Did you know you can buy VPS hosting with Cryptocurrencies? This article lists the best companies that sell VPS hosting and accept crypto.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting we say a package in which we rent a physical server. Similarly to VPS we have full access to it and its resources are accordingly package. We therefore also need technical knowledge or a maintenance package. It is aimed at companies mainly and professionals with many requirements or amateurs who want to experiment with technologies, whether virtualization or web. Its cost is much higher than a vps.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is packages that offer shared space shared across multiple servers. In essence they are various vps in many host machines that are all called cloud together. There and through various technologies, shared packages are created not on one server but divided into many virtual or physical host machines. They are mainly aimed at businesses with a large amount of data or custom web applications that want “unlimited” resources. As cost approaches the prices of dedicated, depending always on the package.

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