Cloud technology or working business “in the cloud” still does not find its full application in the market, but there is undoubtedly progress compared to the last few years. Ignorance of the advantages of these functionalities and fear of the unknown is the primary “resistance” due to which we do not select this way of doing business. However, for Cloud, we can say the same as for JerkDolls – more and more people realize its benefits every day.

As in all modern digital business systems, the advantages are efficiency, scalability, and simple cost planning that are fixed without great surprises. From the financial aspect, it is undoubtedly a more cost-effective and favorable solution in the long run.

By accepting these remarks, which have been confirmed countless times globally, we change our perception and can initially think in this direction. The daily need for modernization and “online” mode, where we are all available at all times (even though sometimes we are in a stand by mode while playing sex simulator games) and we also demand that data is available to us at any time and place, has led to building business and IT relationships as well as other supporting systems that are transferred in the so-called Cloud.

Businesses can spare on purchasing various expensive servers, software, antivirus programs, and similar components, but use them all as a service that they pay every month. Cloud technology is not so new on the market. It has been present in developed companies for years. It is so widespread and affordable that it can currently be used in small and medium enterprises. Over time, it has expanded from large companies to the entire sphere of business and is now recommended to all companies.

Companies waste a lot of time and money, maintaining IT systems and resources because modern business is increasing and imposing completely new rules on market competition. And on the other hand, the Cloud aspect, with its flexibility, mobility, is a concept that can adequately meet all requirements.

The main advantages are reflected in the following:

  • Availability of information at any time from various devices
  • There are no fixed costs for the purchase of IT equipment
  • Available to all types of companies (from small to large)
  • Data is centralized
  • Full control over the Cloud server
  • Using network security services
  • Daily data backup from which data can be restored
  • Disaster Recovery functionality
  • Service availability
  • Guarantee for the proper functioning of hardware and software
  • Availability of various operating systems within the same Cloud platform
  • Security and reliability
  • Scalability and using exactly as many resources as needed
  • Regular updates

The data centers and the existing infrastructure of renowned providers are the primary guarantee and security that we are in safe hands and that we can entrust our way of doing business to the operator whose job it is to take care of our data, resources, data storage, guarantee availability and provide 24/7 support.

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