In this article, we are presenting the best hoverboard brands for 2022. Hoverboards or self-balancing boards as some might call them have been all the hype the past few years and for a good reason.

Their futuristic look has made them one of the favorite gifts for children of all ages. The problem is that there are so many brands out there that you don’t know what brand you should trust and who not.

Fear not, techodom is here. Check below our guide on the best hoverboard brands and rest assured that any purchase made from any of these brands will leave you completely satisfied.

Best Hoverboard Brands

1. Epikgo

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Choose Epikgo when you want to use your hoverboard for all kinds of innovative ideas, even sightseeing if you just want to be able to do more with it than would have been possible with the average hoverboard.

Situated in Silicon Valley, the Epikgo team investigated the viable options of transport available and identified the fact that there was a need for new safe and well-designed ways to get around town.

With so many unreliable travel methods using self-balancing scooters, the time has arrived to set a new benchmark in the travel industry. Now, with the release of a new rugged and more durable scooter, you will be able to not only travel in style and comfort, but also everywhere, and safely.

Being able to travel over grass, sand, dirt, and even water, the Epikgo product range is a dream come true. These products are the first range to be able to work comfortably in a diverse world that features multiple environmental surfaces.

The Epikgo hoverboard range is a truly innovative development, not only in style, endurance and possibilities but also in safety. Epikgo features the best and newest technology. With Epikgo you can go everywhere safely. It is simply the most versatile and the VERY SAFEST ride available.

To suit the needs of everyone, the Epikgo hoverboard comes in Epikgo Classic, Epikgo Sports, Epikgo Premier, and Epikgo Sports Plus, and is available in various colors.

2. Swagtron

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Swagtron features a range of travel boards including hoverboards, electric skateboards, and electric scooters. They provide various varieties of these products and boast a wide range of styles and innovations.

Hoverboards are available in Swagtron T1, Swagtron T3, Swagtron T5, Swagway X1 and Swagway X2. Swagtron Hoverboards can be used for commuting, sightseeing, fun rides, etc.

Swagtron also offers a wide range of extras such as T-shirts, detachable handlebars, and carry bags. To see their range of extras, go here.

The Swagtron website has a great online gallery as well.

Swagtron has been featured by several TV shows, news outlets, magazines, etc such as Good Morning America, The Insider, CBS this Morning and more. Swagtron credentials and Frequently Asked Questions can be read here.

Swagtron boasts a warranty for material defects and faulty workmanship. This warranty covers the original purchaser, provided that the product was used under normal conditions and the warranty is called in within one year from the date of invoice. Note that this warranty is not transferable to any subsequent purchaser.

In case the products should fail under the above-mentioned conditions only, Swagway will either repair or replace the product at no charge. At Swagway’s discretion, either new or refurbished replacement parts will be used.

Swagway reserves the right to provide hoverboard replacements that may be different from the original models but will be functionally equivalent to the replaced models. In case you should be interested in becoming a Swagtron Affiliate, follow this link.

3. Razor

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Razor… It’s not how you ride, but how the ride makes you feel.

From the very beginning, Razor has been totally dedicated to providing excellence in the very best riding experience. They combine innovation, trailblazing technology, and high-quality materials in order to produce what riders require to continue to evolve their daring lifestyles.

Razor has always been driven by sharp opposition within the Ride-on category to ever provide stronger and better products. This commitment to creativity has led to consistent and continuous delivery of remarkably better than market category growth, benefitting all their retail partners.

Since 2010 they have always been able, with the support of the Razor brand, to provide their customers with the style, technology, and innovation that they deserve. Razor has since the very beginning, for more than a decade, provided a true lifestyle to riders and is now the leading brand in wheeled action sports in the UK as well as globally.

Razor has had a strong beginning in Southern California, which is considered to be the “spiritual home” of surfing, skateboarding, and extreme sports culture, and this influence can be seen all over the world where Ride-on technology is commonly popular.

These influences are noticeable in Razor products that can be easily used by adults and kids alike. The Team Razor professional stunt team will continue to frequently participate in extreme sport and consumer events, and as always they will play a crucial part in driving the brand culture and general appeal of Razor according to its status as the leader in the UK market.

4. Magic In Motion

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INMOTION was founded by a highly experienced team with many years of solid experience in robotics and vehicle dynamics.

They used their expertise in robotics and won the much-coveted first prize at the RoboChina competition.

From there, the INMOTION core team decided to utilize their knowledge of robotic technology in order to develop a personal transporter that would feature “green technology” and that would be economical to purchase and to use.

Incorporating the latest innovative developments in transport dynamics research and progress, the INMOTION SCV came into being. Their invention was lighter in weight and a lot more portable than anything else that was on the market at the time. The INMOTION SCV provides super performance and advanced, easy mobility.

Part of a Review: “I can envision collapsing the SCV, dropping it into my truck and taking it out when I’m ready to drive. The vehicle is rated at 3.5 hours of riding time per charge, which is enough for an afternoon in the park”

Mohawk V3 by INMOTION is the newest edition to smart vehicles available. Riding it will be an experience to remember… each time you ride it. It is a unicycle that you would want to park under your bed for easy access the next morning.

It will thrill you out of your socks! The integrated Bluetooth App is MoHawk’s feature that will let you communicate with your smart phone, and share your tunes via your Bluetooth speakers. Available in red, blue white, yellow and green.

5. HaloBoard

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Haloboard has managed to convert “creativity” into “creation” and by doing that they have realized a very special dream, to create something that was impossible to create until they have done it. Haloboard’s talented creators have the stamina and backup to do that time and again when creating new products.

Haloboard enables their creators to bring into being what was once considered to be impossible or unreachable. Their innovative and speedy haloboard has become the evolved next generation of riding perfection.

In doing that, they have placed evolved technology into the hands of their customers. Before the Haloboard, no customer ever had the pleasure of experiencing the Haloboard, and now they can.

All of this is done through unrelenting commitment to Research and Development, innovation and tracking and a focus on sculpting an easy to use hoverboard using complex technology.

Haloboard was founded in 2005 in Los Angeles, have grown from a small company to what they are today and their Headquarters are still situated in Los Angeles.

Haloboard is a privately owned and -operated company and they focus on creating dreams that other people dream but never realize. They strive to make other people’s dreams come true. That is why they are changing the way industries perform by making sure that every single customer that crosses their path walk out of their doors a happy person.

Haloboard does not excel in business, but also performs well in the media. You may join them in their shop or as an affiliate. Or both, if you like.

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