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This is my Dikale 3D Pen Review. Liking something creative and extraordinary has no age bracket whatsoever. There are certain things that cater to both children and adults alike. I have been into creative objects since my childhood and still, I have an immense liking towards creative stationery and objects. 

Recently, I stumbled upon one such object that blew my mind, Dikale 3D Pen. I was a bit reluctant to buy first but then I decided to give it a go since the product looked promising.

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I was amazed to see that the box had 12 bonus colors and 250 bonus stencils ebooks as well which was sent to my Amazon message box after I made the purchase.

This 3D pen offers speed adjustment, easy filament loading, smooth drawing experience. In short, I was pretty much hooked to it when I bought it.

Dikale 3D Pen Review (Features)

Continuing with my Dikale 3D Pen Review we will talk about the features first. I have used many 3D pens in the past and this one does pretty well compared to others.

Speed Adjustment

At first, I tested this 3D pen for its speed. There are 3 options that you can choose from.

  • Low: To be honest, the low speed is a bit too slow for experts. It offers a speed between 5-1. Since I am good at crafting with 3D pens, this speed didn’t strike me much.
  • Medium: I then tried the medium speed, which was not bad. The speed was 5-2 in this setting which I thought is ideal for semi-pros.
  • High: For 3D crafting pen wizards like me, the high speed offered by this pen is a bliss. The speed offered in this setting is 5-3. I faced no problems, halts or disturbances running the pen on this speed. In fact, I was able to run long beads and fill space accurately on the speed. 

Compatible Filaments

I liked the fact that this 3D pen supports both PLA filaments and ABS filaments. I’m a PLA filament sort of a guy because they are a bit safer than ABS. Why? Because they are made up of organic materials such as sugar cane and cornstarch while ABS is plastic. 

There’s a mode switch button on the pen that allows you to toggle between both types, PLA or ABS.


On PLA, the temperature can be as low as 190 C and as high as 210 C. When on ABS mode, the temperature can be between 200 and 220 C.


It works on warm nozzle technology and I found that the nozzle was not entirely enclosed. This can be a bit problematic for the younger ones. However, for experts, it’s not worrisome.

Another thing I noticed is that it heats and cools very quickly which is a good plus.

Intelligent Memory

I used the pen on PLA and shut it off. Next day, I loaded a new filament without checking the settings to see if it was set to PLA. To my surprise, the pen had remembered the last settings with its intelligent filament memory mode. So, I was quite impressed.

Easy Control

I found the controls of the pen quite smooth for a person like me who has a medium-sized hand. There‘s a feed-forward button that loads up the filament and an unload button that ejects it. Pretty smooth.


Apart from offering 12 PLA colors (120 feet (0.04 km)), it operates with a micro USB. I tried using the portable battery pack that we normally use in mobile phones and guess what, it worked.

Dikale 3D Pen Pros & Cons – in a Glance


  • 1-year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • LCD screen that displays speed.
  • It doesn’t clog easily.
  • Supports 100-220 V.
  • Simple to use with an on/off button.Item 2


  • Produces a clicking sound sometimes when the filament struggles to come out.

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I hope you enjoyed by Dikale 3D Pen Review. If you did, share this review with your friends and family. I am sure they will like this gift idea for this holiday season. Also, do let me know in the comments below what are YOUR thoughts on this product. Have you tried it? Have you tried any similar products? Leave your comment below and let us start a conversation.

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