redragon k570 review
Redragon K570 Review - Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
Redragon K570 Review - Backlit Mechanical Keyboard 1

The Redragon K570 Backlit Mechanical Keyboard is great for gamers and everyday people alike. It has awesome features, amazing design and it is extremely durable. A highly recommended product.

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This is my Redragon K570 Backlit Mechanical Keyboard Review. I am a huge tech geek who is ready to explore everything that’s techy. Being a gamer and an IT person, I came across this super cool Redragon K570 keyboard. I found this keyboard to be the best out of all the options available.

It turned out to be far better than my conventional keyboards and more durable. It gives you all the necessary features along with some bonuses that make your experience memorable.

For me, it is totally worth the money.

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Redragon K570 Review: Pros & Cons


  • Anti-ghosting of 104 keys, helps the computer process the signals accurately.
  • Made out of solid aluminum.
  • Shortened keycaps to increase the response rate.
  • Spill-resistant technology.
  • Back Lights that aid in typing in areas with insufficient light.
  • Wide Compatibility.
  • 50 million times keystroke test.
  • 8 Spare keycaps for backup.


  • The clicky sound may be annoying for some people.

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Redragon K570 Review: Features


One thing I can assure you is the durability of this keyboard. The keyboard is made
to last a lifetime. It has a fully anodized aluminum base with a double injection ABS keycaps, that strengthen the board and enhances its longevity.


This keyboard is very compatible and can be connected to a wide range of windows systems that include Windows 7,8,9 and 10. You can also plug it with Mac OS X,
Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. The keyboard has a golden plated USB port that ensures data transmission with security and stability.

RGB backlight

Unlike my old conventional keyboards, this one has backlights to support typing in the dark. The keyboard offers 6 backlight themes and 18 backlight models that brightens up the keys and made typing without the light just a breeze for me. Redragon also gave me the option to increase or decrease the intensity of the light by pressing the FN +Up /
Down keys.

Build Up

Redragon doesn’t compromise on the quality of their products. The keyboard is manufactured using high-quality aluminum that also makes it lightweight and durable.

One thing that I actually want to appreciate is the keycap design.

Redragon has shortened the keycap size to increase the response time of the keyboard.
Moreover, I am surprised by their innovation that the keycaps and switches are removable.

There were 8 spare switches on my keyboard as a backup, in case I lose any one of them.


With Redragon’s K570 keyboard there are no more mini heart attacks when I accidentally spill something on my keyboard. Like me, you don’t have to pause your work or game when your cup of coffee spills on your K570 board. The build-up is spill-resistant and
doesn’t let the spill penetrate your keyboard.

N-Key Rollover

With 104 keys, this keyboard has facilitated me in the most accurate and simultaneous presses. The keyboard is equipped with floating keys and blue switches that really
improves your gaming experience.

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Redragon K570 Reviews from Other People

These are reviews from other people who have purchased the Redragon K570 Backlit Mechanical Keyboard. You can view all the reviews here.

Review by Curtis

I have worked on computers over 45 years, used many keyboards, written hundreds of thousands of lines of code and played a lot of games. My current home rig is a high end workstation but I still was using an old Microsoft keyboard, which I was getting increasingly frustrated with since it is not backlit. I knew I wanted a mechanical, backlit gaming keyboard after using a friends. I looked at the Razer’s, Corsair’s, etc.. but was kind of ho hum about them considering the high price. After reading many reviews and a good deal of thought I went for the Redragon Partryusa (does that word mean anything?). WOW! I love it. Not only is it the best built keyboard I have ever seen, it is the best built piece of computer hardware/peripheral I have ever owned (and that is a lot). It is heavy, very well made, finely finished and looks it. The keyboard action is perfect; I love the clicky, blue switches. The backlighting is great and although I will probably never use all the backlighting effects they do look cool. Great keyboard, great price. Highly Recommended.

Review by Sainted

The board is everything i want for less than their competitors. The Glorious PC master race keyboard is basically the same thing as this except 45+$ more and the design is minimalist. This board has a single logo above the arrow keys. The switches feel great and I am actually very happy with the test selection of 6 switches plus 2 replacements. The colors are bright and the software is simple to control and program. You can also download profiles although I haven’t dug into that very much. The key caps are a bit lower than regular key caps but i cant tell the difference and I like them better as a whole. I had bought white key caps but after switching over I decided that I liked the original caps much better. While it is a full sized board its keypad and arrows are tighted up a bit closer to the main keys and it makes the board fairly compact overall for a full board. For the price point to have a mechanical, hot swap switch keyboard in full 16.8mil rgb? Its just insane. I would recommend this to anyone that wants an RGB board with hot swapping. I would also note that E-Element also offers a *very* similar board with the same key caps even! That is also offered in ten keyless and 65% in single, 9 color, and RGB. If you simply can’t afford this redragon brand then check out that board as well as me thinks this might be a slightly improved version of the exact same board for 20$ more.


Redragon K570 is an excellent keyboard for people who work a lot on computers or are gaming enthusiasts. It not only aids you in typing in the dark but also increase the response rate of your device. It is a perfect device for all the clumsy people out there as well.

Hope you enjoyed our Redragon K570 Review. If yes, make sure you share it with your friends and help us spread it all over the web.

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