Looking for a new way to get around town? Does the idea of being able to scooter effortlessly excite you? In this comprehensive electric scooter buying guide you can find all the information you need to choose the electric scooter that suits your needs.

Electric scooters offer a flexible solution to the problem of getting around town. They are 5 times faster than walking, are environmentally friendly and have very low purchase and maintenance costs.

Compared to bicycles they have an advantage, as you don’t sweat and can use them to go to work, for example. These are the reasons more and more people to adopt electric skates as their main means of transport.

In this electric scooter buying guide, we’ll look at the technical features you need to look out for, so that you end up with the electric scooter that will suit you perfectly.

Electric Scooter Buying Guide

Engine power

This technical feature is related to how fast the electric scooter can move on the road. Most models start under 200 watts and can reach about 25 km/h.

These ones cannot develop a satisfactory speed uphill, especially if your weight exceeds 80 kg. That’s why it’s better, especially if you want to cover long distances or have a higher body weight, to go for a model with at least 350 watts.

TIP: The higher the motor power, the higher the speed of the electric scooter, so you will need protective equipment such as a helmet and gloves.


Cheaper electric scooters rely on wheels to absorb the shocks from uneven ground, but there are also some electric scooters with suspension, usually on the front wheel.

If you plan to ride on asphalt or dirt roads with lots of potholes, then you’ll need an electric scooter with suspension.

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The JUE SHUAI X60 features two hydraulic shock absorbers located in the front wheel and one spring shock absorber located in the back wheel. Source: AliExpress


There are three types of brakes on electric scooters. and almost all scooters have mechanical brakes. Of the latter there are three categories,

  • disc brakes
  • drum brakes and
  • foot brakes.

Let’s take a closer look.

  • Disc brakes offer better braking quality, but they need more maintenance, changing pads and discs at regular intervals as in cars.
  • Drum Brakes, in contrast, are located in the center of the wheel and require less maintenance, but don’t offer the same quality of braking.
  • Foot brakes, which are mainly located on the rear wheel and operate by pushing the mudguard with the foot. These brakes are the simplest in construction but they wear out the tires, are harder to get used to because they are not manually controlled and are less efficient.

A significant number of electric scooters use dual braking systems, with anti-slip technology, to make them safer to use.

Some electric scooters have electric brakes as well, which work mainly to charge the battery and are supplementary.

Wheel type and size

The type of wheels is the factor that most affects the rolling quality of the skate. Tires are pneumatic (like bicycles) or solid.

Pneumatic ones have better shock absorption and therefore give better rolling quality, braking and more grip on the ground.

If the tires have lower pressure, they wear on the sides, the scooter consumes more energy and cannot reach the intended maximum speed.

The disadvantage of pneumatic ones is that they can puncture and require more maintenance such as inflation. Proper tire pressure is essential for safety and comfort during the ride. There are even special foams that do not let air escape even if the tire is punctured.

Solid tires, on the other hand, do not require much maintenance, but they are harder and transfer vibrations to the handlebars and the rider.

xtron min
The X-Tron X10 is Waterproof. Source: AliExpress

Water Resistance

This technical feature is important in our electric scooter buying guide because the electric motor and battery are usually located very close to the ground.

This means that even if it’s not raining, when you’re skating, a puddle of water can cause a short circuit and disable or even destroy it.

TIP: The fastest electric scooter is not necessarily the best since they can only reach maximum speed in an open space. Choose a “waterproof” model over a fast one.

Maximum load

Most electric scooters are designed to carry up to 100 kg, which covers most riders. Only if you are more than 100 kilos, then you should look for one that will support your body weight, so you can be sure that the scooter will reach maximum speed and have the range guaranteed by its manufacturer.

TIP: Even if you have a couple of extra pounds and consider to be heavy there are electric scooters for you as well. Check our shopping list of 14 Best Electric Scooter For HEAVY Adults (99 kg to 200 kg).


Most riders are more interested in how many kilometers an electric scooter “gets” on a single charge than maximum speed, suspension comfort or brake efficiency.

With this in mind, it is worth noting that the range also depends on the weight of the rider and the type of ride.

Most electric scooters typically cover between 20 and 30 km, with a maximum of 45 km on a single charge.

TIP: The figures given by the manufacturers are for a rider with an average weight of 70 kg, skating on a flat route (and with a new battery).


Electric scooters develop high speeds in proportion to their size and weight. The “big” scooters easily reach 20 km/h, with some – more expensive – models even reaching 80km/h. These speeds are particularly high, since driving a vehicle with such small wheels is relatively unstable.

Size and weight

In this electric scooter buying guide, we consider the weight of the electric scooter as one of the most important parameters, since you will need to transport it around the house or office to load it.

Most skates are foldable for easier transport up stairs and elevators, and storage within the home.


Electric scooters are one of the most economical ways of getting around as the cost of acquiring one is low, usually between 200 and 600 euros.

The price is mainly determined by the power of the electric motor and less by other technical characteristics, such as the material of construction.

Electronic systems

  • Most electric scooters have an LED display and the necessary hardware to measure speed, distance and battery status.
  • Many even connect to your mobile phone, where you can view this information more conveniently.
  • More expensive models like the ANYHILL UM-2 have, sophisticated cruise control you can let the scooter control the route.
  • Almost all electric scooters have LED lights at the front and rear for safer mobility.
AnyHill UM2
The Anyhill UM-2 electric scooter with cruise control

Accessories for electric scooters

Safety is a top priority issue, especially if you plan to travel long distances within the city. As with bicycles, a helmet is the most important, followed by gloves. At the same time, many riders add elbow pads and knee pads to their equipment for added protection.

In addition to safety-related items, there are other “peripherals” such as anti-theft chains, carrying straps, smartphone holders and a bottle holder. These accessories will make using it easier and more comfortable.

Final Take

As an epilogue, it is worth noting that there is a specific legislative framework for micro-mobility that defines the conditions of circulation of light electric vehicles and it is advisable to be informed in advance so that you know how to use the electric scooter and what conditions you must meet as an operator.

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