I’m sure you know you can warm your mommy’s heart with just one I love you and a kiss! But if you want more, without hurting your pocket, we recommend beautiful and cheap gifts for the special woman who brought you to life: your mother.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a beautiful gift for your mom. Nothing will move her more than a gift taken from your heart, whatever that is. In this guide we’re presenting 17 of the best Gift Ideas For Mom Under $100.

Gift Ideas For Mom Under $100

What gift should I get for my mom is a question we’ve all wondered at some point in our lives. There are very beautiful and economical gift ideas for our moms and surely below, you will find the perfect gift for your own mom!


Does she like beautiful smells and delicate aromas? An elegant, cool and floral fragrance, filled with notes that give well-being, will delight her. Classic and economical!

Photo Frame

For this mom gift, you’ll need a picture of you and your mom, preferably while smiling. A simple, low-cost gift that will bring a big smile to your mother and will warm her heart.

This Craig Frames Victoria, Ornate Gold Picture Frame, 20 x 30 Inch will do the work just fine.

You can of course choose a digital photo frame that, will “host” more than one family moment.

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Surely your mom wants to have constantly good looking hair (who doesn’t) so, one of the following gifts will be a massive success:

Face Care

We’re sure your mother will appreciate a facial product. Even if you don’t know what products she’s using, she certainly won’t say no to a good anti-wrinkle cream made from natural and anti-aging ingredients. For example:

Moisturizing lip balm

If you want to get her something that’s always in her purse, a good lip balm is what you’re looking for. Most lip balms have a fruity taste while offering hydration and long-lasting protection.


A watch is a very delicate gift for any mom. A cute watch with a light display is just right for your romantic and casual mom. Every time she looks at the time, she’ll remember you! Some options to consider under 100 dollars are:

Body Cream

A body cream with firming action will be duly appreciated by your busy mom! Some of the best body creams that don’t cost an arm and a leg are:


She’s been running around all day to catch up! Show her that you recognize her daily struggle and give her bath salts, essential oils, and a delicious bubble bath for a relaxing bath at the end of the day.

Foot hydromassage

We said it before, your mom is probably running all day between work, shopping, and taking care of you. A foot hydromassage is most probably something unique that will be seen as a dream come true for your mom. Give her a few moments of relaxation with a foot hot tub device. She’ll be grateful! Trust us.

You can check this Carevas Foot Bath Massager. With 1439 reviews and an average of 4.3 out of 5, it seems that a pretty solid buy.

Kitchen Appliance

The old classic kitchen appliance. Always relevant, always make moms around the world smile. There are literally hundreds of kitchen appliance ideas you can gift to your mom. We suggest getting her one based on what she loves to do more. For example:


Again, all time classic. Does he love novels? So you know what gift you’re going to get her! We recommend books from foreign, but also Greek literature, with good reviews that will fascinate her and travel her, offering her magical reading hours!

Some popular titles at the time of writing this article are The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave and If You Tell: A True Story of Murder, Family Secrets, and the Unbreakable Bond of Sisterhood by Gregg Olsen.

Underwear, Nightwear, Robe

I’m sure your mom will be thrilled with a new pair of underwear and we suggest a “safe” beige bra that she’ll wear with all her T-shirts!

Another nice idea is a sexy nightgown to spice up things with your dad or a beautiful plush robe, which is always welcome!


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Want your mother to look both stylish and environmental friendly and to carry her belongings this summer?

Look no further than the Vintga Bamboo Bag for Women. This sturdy bag is made of 100% natural bamboo, making it not only visually appealing but also environmentally friendly.

Whether she’s hitting the beach or just running errands around town, this bag is sure to make a statement. So ditch those old and boring bags and pick up a Vintga Bamboo Bag for your mom today! It is one of the best gift ideas for mom under $100 you can find online.


Looking for a luxurious and timeless piece of jewelry? How about a beautiful set of earrings for your beloved mother. If you are intrigued look no further than these 18k white gold plated silver moissanite stud earrings.

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Made with created moissanite, these earrings are sure to dazzle and impress. The post finding with friction back ensures a secure fit, while the hypoallergenic metals prevent irritation. Strong and durable, these earrings are perfect for everyday wear. Plus, these beauties cost less than one hundred dollars.


A standard gift idea for your beloved mother that we’re one hundred percent sure she’s going to be thrilled with. This SWAROVSKI Women Swan Necklace is a dazzling addition to any outfit.

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The necklace features sparkling Swarovski crystals in the shape of a graceful swan, and its elegant design will add a touch of sophistication to any look. The best part is that it cost’s less than 100 US Dollars.

Fitness Equipment

Your mother should be beautiful and healthy. And you should always remind her of that. But, she night be busy to hit the gym

No worries, this is the most interesting Gift Ideas For Mom Under $100 in this list. Introducing Bala Bangles, the workout weights you can take anywhere!

71hbgHPjygL. AC SL1500

Whether she’s looking to add a little extra challenge to her daily walk or jog, or want to amp up her at-home workouts, these adjustable wrist and ankle weights are perfect for any fitness level.

Each set comes with two 1-pound weights that can be slipped on and off easily, so she can customize her workout routine. And because they’re wearable, she can take them wherever she go – no more excuses for skipping a workout!


The summer is coming and what a perfect gift a stylish set of sandals would by.

Introducing the Steve Madden Women’s Sandal!

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This incredible sandal is perfect for walks on the beach, around the park, or anywhere else your mother goes. The comfortable design and arch support make these sandals a dream to wear, and the stylish look will have you turning heads everywhere she go.

Whether she’s dressing up for a special occasion or just everyday casual wear, the Steve Madden Women’s Sandal is sure to be her new favorite go-to shoe. So don’t wait any longer, order your pair today and let your mom enjoy her life in style!

Final Take

With these ideas, whenever you feel it you can find a perfect gift for your mom! In any case, don’t forget to accompany your gift with a little love note, a sweet kiss and a huge hug! One thing’s for sure: You won’t escape the tears of emotion on her cheeks!

If you are still not satisfied with our Gift Ideas For Mom Under $100, you can check out this shopping list with 100 things to buy with 100 dollars or less.

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